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ISLAND EXPERIENCE Available for Pre-Order!

Book 7 in Simone Freier's EXPERIENCES saga, ISLAND EXPERIENCE, is now available for Pre-Order from the Amazon Kindle store, Apple iBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

You can pre-order by the book on Amazon Kindle clicking HERE. You will find the Blurb under the Books tab, or by clicking HERE.

ISLAND EXPERIENCE is a stand-alone, full-length (140,000 words) novel, that follows the continuing adventures of Sam, Kelly, and thieir friends..

ISLAND EXPERIENCE combines literary style and thoughtful discussion with graphic descriptions of sex and fetishes. This is intended to be a new genre: Intelligent Erotic Romance.

As with other books in the Experiences series, ISLAND EXPERIENCE includes scenes of spanking and medical fetish. But underneath the fetishistic activities, love is developing between Sam and Kelly.

I hope you like the EXPERIENCES series!

- Simone

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