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Great Reviews for FRIENDS' EXPERIENCE!

Over the past 18 days since FRIENDS' EXPERIENCE was released, it has received six reviews: all 5-Star!

Following are some excerpts from these reviews:

Owen Robinson:

“One of my favorite series in recent memory”

“The author manages to evolve Kelly and Sam’s relationship further and further”

“She [is] one talented writer”

“Definitely worth the read”

Majanka (I Heart Reading):

“I’ve been surprised by the author’s creativity and her ability to keep adding depths and layers to these characters and relationships”

“FRIENDS’ EXPERIENCE certainly was no disappointment”

“It’s about love, friendship and respect more than about sex”

“Simone Freier is definitely a skilled author”

“[The books] just keep getting better and better”

John Staughton:

“Simone Freier … is a sexually charged and inspired writer”

“She holds poignant insight into the complexities of interpersonal communications and behavior”

“The erotic layers are piled on top of existing friendships, which adds a fascinating level of intrigue”

“A unique experience as a reader”

“Freier’s approach to intimacy is both gentle and intense; like good sex, flexible and addictive”

“Another stand-out hit!”

Marc Stern:

“She’s done it again!”

“The story of Kelly and Sam continues to blossom”

“Freier [is] an author of considerable talent, whose work keeps getting better”

“The writing style is relaxed, even playful, and always fresh”

“Freier, whose thought processes are quite imaginative, is a natural author”

“Nothing in Freier’s writing seems contrived; it is as if we are watching a mirror of life”

The novel concentrates on the people and their interactions, rather than just [sex]”

“The characters seem real and fully featured”

“Like a skillful painter, the author uses sexual play and BDSM as the canvas upon which she paints a quite lovely and loving story of relationships”

“I continue to enjoy reading Simone Freier because she is a fantastic author”

“Freier’s ability to keep things real lifts her a cut above others in the field of sex and sex games”

“She keeps the anticipation going”

“I can hardly wait to read … the next part of the multi-volume saga”

K. Hair:

“It’s quite amazing how much information from the previous books is used to develop the characters like never before”

“That is where this series continues to succeed the most: By watching these characters push each other in terms of openness, we as readers are able to become more open to accepting new ideas”

“If you’re looking for real character growth in your romance and erotica, then FRIENDS’ EXPERIENCE will deliver”

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