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An Intelligent Erotic Romance Saga



Experiences is a story of growth and transformation:  That of an intelligent, strong young woman finding herself and exploring her sexual identity; and of a successful, now-widowed, older man, who all his life has harbored the desire to explore certain fetishes.


Kelly has had a troubled life, but is now on the path to educational and career success.  In the chance meeting of Sam, and development of their bond, Kelly has found something that she had longed for:  A relationship based on respect and trust, higher standards, and higher aspirations … as well as a little creative sexual excitement.


Both Sam and Kelly are finding themselves, having had traumatic life experiences that, shared openly, have brought them closer together.  Sam has developed fetishes from childhood experiences that he needs to fantasize or role-play to get turned on.  Kelly shares some of Sam’s fantasies, but she also has her own turn-ons that take Sam to new levels of sensuality.


Kelly has surprised Sam with the extreme experiences she desires.  Sam is not a sadist, but is turned on by seeing his partner submit; Kelly finds physical pain – and sexual release afterward – to be something that excites her.  Kelly has the inner strength to satisfy Sam as a submissive, but she finds that her own turn-on comes mainly from taking the dominant role.  Sam and Kelly realize that Sam may not be strong enough to be an effective ‘dom’.  Fortunately, Sam is a ‘switch’, who can get turned-on in either role, providing Sam a new perspective, and enabling Kelly to further her own domination fantasies.


Although he stresses openness, Sam has his own hang-ups, which Kelly pushes him to overcome.  By submitting to Kelly, Sam becomes a more open person, and his relationship with Kelly deepens.


Kelly and Sam are both turned-on by involving Kelly’s friends in some of their play.  They have found that the three friends are more open and enthusiastic than either Sam or Kelly could have imagined.  The friends each have their turn-ons, and don’t like all of Sam’s and Kelly’s fetishes but, through their new closeness, they have become closer than in a decade of knowing each other.  Kelly finds that she enjoys being with women as well as with men, which Sam accepts, leading to a ménage with one of Kelly’s friends.


Although Sam and Kelly are very different people, they find that they are not only compatible, but grow closer together, as their relationship evolves, through openness and sharing of sexual experiences.  Sam is a ‘science guy’, with a clinical, and unemotional approach, but with a creative imagination, and a very strong sex drive. Kelly is studying science, and can relate to Sam on his level; however, she is also a very feeling person, concerned about relationships and emotions.


The scenes and fetishes evolve throughout the story, as Sam’s infatuation with spanking and medical procedures is played out in varying forms, and new kinks and fetishes are introduced.  The story employs a literary realism style, and is not romanticized beyond what could happen in real life.  Heavy detail provides a word picture for the reader, with raw and intense descriptions of Sam and Kelly’s sexual and fetish activities.


The story is, ultimately, a romance between Sam and Kelly, as they find themselves through open, uninhibited exploration of sexual preferences.  It provides a window into the world of fantasies and fetishes, sexual orientations and lifestyles, explored by the main characters, and evolving throughout the story.  The characters engage in detailed discussion of their thoughts and feelings regarding each new experience, the narration alternating between two main characters, providing each of their points of view.  Through the various experiences, both the characters’ and readers’ eyes are opened to new sexual and sensual possibilities.


The story is also a realistic depiction of various types of relationships, cultures, and lifestyles, providing a detailed look at food, fashion, and hedonistic pleasures, as well as the tools and toys used by aficionados of various fetishes.  The characters provide an insight into some of the motivations behind their interest in fetishes, and their reactions to exploring new kinks and fetishes.


The language used in the story is speaker-dependent:  Since Sam is scientific and clinical, he uses proper anatomical terms, while Kelly and her friends use slang appropriate to their age.  The first book (the story of how Sam comes to this point) is narrated by Sam, as is the second book, where he meets Kelly.  Beginning in the third book, Kelly finds her voice in the narration of the story, alternate viewpoints being presented by Sam and Kelly, as the story progresses.  As Kelly achieves her dominance, the narration evolves to mostly her perspective.


Philosophic discussion throughout the story focuses on the ethics, mores, and motivations relating to sex, love and relationships in our modern society.  The characters provide realistic debate of ethical and emotional issues, and discussion of practical aspects, such as sexual health.  The definition of sex is explored in several contexts, and the usual perspectives on love, sex, and nudity are challenged.


The story is meant to open readers’ eyes to new possibilities – in their lifestyles, and in their relationships.  The importance of openness, honesty, and trust in building relationships is communicated in a way that provides insight into what these really mean, and where they can lead, if taken seriously.  And sexual needs – and their satisfaction – are discussed directly, without hiding, camouflaging, or talking around important issues.


‘Experiences’ combines the arc of a romance on a backdrop of erotic sexual exploration, with philosophical discussion in counterpoise to graphic descriptions of sexual and fetish activities.  It is intended to represent a new literary genre:  Intelligent Erotic Romance.




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