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"First Experience" - New lower price!

"First Experience", the beginning of Sam and Kelly's relationship (and the first full-length novel after the prequel, "Origins of a Fetish") is now available at a new lower price: Only $2.99!

"First Experience" is 371 pages (print version), 17 chapters, and 111,000 words. Sam meets his match in Kelly, a woman half his age, and introduces her to his lifestyle, his values (honesty, openness, and trust), and some of his fetishes - including spanking and 'playing doctor'.

We would like to encourage more readers to get into the series. With the free prequel and new lower price on "First Experience", we are hoping that you will try the EXPERIENCES series, which we call an Intelligent Erotic Romance saga.

No more excuses! If you are interested in a realistic portrayal of a developing love affair, along with exploration of kinks and fetishes, take the plunge, and dive into the EXPERIENCES saga!

"First Experience" is available at all fine book (and e-book) retailers:

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