Introducing KINKS: Short Erotic Adventures

KINKS are short erotic stories, based on selected chapeters from the EXPERIENCES series of Intelligent Erotic Romance novels. They have been edited to provide small stand-alone 'adventures' by including introductory material, and excluding much of the philosophical discussion and detail found in the much-longer EXPERIENCES novels.

The KINKS adventures are intensely erotic, but still represent a realistic portrayal of characters and scenarios that could happen in real (or surreal) life. KINKS stories are more accessible than the EXPERIENCES novels, being shorter (6,000-16,000 words), and a quicker read that allows the reader to experience the eroticism without making a commitment to the characters or a lengthy romance plot.

The KINKS series will be available exclusively on the Amazon Kindle platform.

Coming in Summer 2015!

Read more HERE.

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