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KINKS:  Short Erotic Adventures


KINKS are short erotic stories, based on selected chapters from the EXPERIENCES series of Intelligent Erotic Romance novels.  They have been edited to provide small stand-alone 'adventures' by including introductory material (character descriptions and background set-up), and by excluding much of the philosophical discussion and non-erotic detail found in the much-longer EXPERIENCES stories.


The same characters star in the KINKS stories, including Kelly and Sam; Kelly's friends Julie, Kathy, and Linda; Sam's friends, Henk (Helga) and Zöe; and friends that Kelly and Sam have made along the way, including Fiona and Justin.


The KINKS adventures are intensely erotic, but still represent a realistic portrayal of characters and scenarios that could happen in real (or surreal) life.  KINKS stories are more accessible, being shorter (typically 6,000-16,000 words) than the EXPERIENCES novels, and a quicker read that allows the reader to experience the eroticism without making a commitment to the characters or a lengthy romance plot.  They re-tell many of the erotic adventures contained within the EXPERIENCES novels, but have been largely re-written, and are not merely duplicates of EXPERIENCES chapters.


To help our readers determine whether they will enjoy the various kinks and fetishes presented in the KINKS series, we have indicated the subject matter using the following content codes:

          S = spanking         R = rectal insertions         E = enemas         N = needle play         I = injections         L = LGBT


The KINKS adventures will be available exclusively on Amazon for the Kindle platform.


I hope you enjoy!  Please leave your feedback via the Contact page.


Birthday Spanking



Sam gives Kelly a birthday spanking, with Kelly's friends also taking part.  When Sam offers to take some of the spanking, he gets extra attention!


Content:  S, R, FFFM

Fiona's Piercings



Fiona, who Sam and Kelly met at the skinnydiping pond, shows them her piercings, and they demonstrate the experience of 'needle play' on her.


Content:  R, N, I

Game of Chance



Sam and Kelly practice intramuscular injections on each other, in a game of chance that determines the number & size of each of the shots they get.


Content:  R, I

Group Massage



Sam, Kelly and her three friends have a jacuzzi-based group massage, more than one of them getting off with the combined attention of the others.


Content:  FF

Kelly Gets Waxed



Kelly gets a 'Hollywood' wax, as Sam and one of her friends watch, while esthetician Barbara demonstrates the technique of sugaring Kelly's privates.


Content:  -

Ménage à Julie



Sam & Kelly have a ménage with Julie that includes Sam's favorite kinks, & a stap-on experience by Julie, as the three try many sexual combinations.


Content:  R, E, I, L, MF/FM

Needle Play



Sam introduces 'needle play' to Kelly, getting some needles himself, as the couple plays together, Sam creating needle & hot wax art on Kelly's back.


Content:  N, Other

Photo Shoot



Kelly & her friend Julie pose as Sam takes some sensual photos, then take matters into their own hands, for their first girl-on-girl experience.


Content:  S, L, FF

Sam's Exam Room



Sam brings Kelly into his home-based 'exam room', giving her some unique experiences, & taking Sam to a whole new level with his medical fetish.


Content:  R, E, N, I

Sexy Sauna



Sam & Kelly visit a Dutch health spa, learning the joy of being clothes-free, having a sensual experience with the guests, & a sexual time each other.


Content:  MF

Sweet Tasting



Sam decides to have an after-lunch dessert tasting with Kelly - or rather 'on' her, as he creates an elaborate food and fun experience in his van. 


Content:  MF

Topping My Neighbor



Sam has developed a close friendship with a neighbor, and now she wants to experience a punishment session with him, to satisfy both their needs.


Content:  S, R, N, I

Competitive Spirit



Kelly's friends compete in a spanking and submission challenge, complete with umpire and scorekeeper.  They get their reward after, by Sam's hand


Content:  S, E, MFF

Four-Way Play



Fiona and her fiancé Justin visit Sam and Kelly, and they end-up having a sensual shower with Justin satisfying Sam & both men 'doing' the women.


Content:  L, FM/MM/MF

Girls Get the Point



Kelly's friends learn what it feels like to have needles inserted in their butt, how to give shots, and for graduation give themselves a shot in the bottom.


Content:  N, I

Henk & Helga



Sam's old friend and colleague, Henk, comes out of the closet at a special club, which Sam and Kelly are invited to visit to learn about trans lifestyle.


Content:  L

Kelly's Corset



Sam has introduced Kelly to 'needle play', but moves beyond the basics at her birthday party, making a corset, as her friends watch in amazement.


Content:  N

Mile High Club



Sam takes Kelly to Europe, also taking her in the lav of the plane in a high flying act of sexual satisfaction and new experiences for both of them.


Content:  MF

Neighborly Neighbor



Sam makes friends with a neighborly neighbor, including skinnydipping and sharing fantasies, culminating in a sensual shower experience together.


Content:  FM/MF

Rosy Lovemaking



Sam has played with Kelly, but now takes their relationship to the next level with a very special lovemaking experience, both sexual and sensual.


Content:  MF

Schoolgirl Linda



Kelly's friend, Linda, who was turned on by spankings at school, now wants to experience the sexual side of OTK in a special role-play with Sam.


Content:  S, I, MF

Sheila's Shots



Sam's neighbor requests something for minor pain, and Sam surprises her with a slightly more invasive way of 'curing' her mock ailment.


Content:  R, I

The Sex Club



Kelly is taken to an Amsterdam sex club, where she gets to explore her dominance in a dungeon session, as she & Sam swap partners with guests.


Content:  S, R, F

Corner Times



Kelly gets spanked by Sam, and also experiences his unique version of 'cornertime', and the reward following a well-taken bottom warming.


Content:  S, R, N, MF

Friends Come Over



Two of Kelly's friends visit Sam, one of them getting a birthday spanking, & the other getting herself off after Sam shows some spanking attention.


Content:  S, F

Going Dutch



Sam and Kelly visit a sex shop in Amsterdam, and go to a traditional Dutch sauna, where they experience the freedom of nudity with others.


Content:  MF

Kama Sutra



Sam and Kelly add spice to their sex life - Indian spice - trying many new positions and techniques that are taught in the Kama Sutra.


Content:  MF

Kelly's Pirate Fantasy



Sam makes Kelly's pirate fantasy a reality during her birthday party, with costumes and props, as Kelly's friends watch her experience pain & pleasure.


Content:  S, MF

Mistress Elena



Sam and Kelly visit a London domme, and Sam gets much more than he bargained for, as Kelly learns that she is the dominant one in the familiy.


Content:  S, N, I

Nurse Kelly



Sam relegates the doctor play to Kelly as she dons a nurse outfit & brings him into his 'exam room' for a check-up and special 'treatment'.


Content:  R, E, N, I, FM

Sam's Birthday Party



Kelly & her friends give Sam a special birthday party experience, with some unique games, including pet play, his birthday spanking, and babying him.


Content:  S, R, E, MF/FM

Sensual Massage



Sam takes Kelly into a new sensual realm with Violet Wand stimulation, and a very thorough massage that - of course - includes a 'happy ending'.


Content:  Other, MF

Skinnydip Sunday



Sam & Kelly visit a local skinnydipping pond, after a spanking session, & they meet neighbors to whom they must explain Kelly's red bottom.


Content:  S

The Slumber Party



Sam has given Kelly a unique birthday party with her friends, and to cap it off, he lets her get it on with Julie, while he satisfies the other two girls.


Content:  L, F/MF/FFFM

Turntable Turns



Kelly & her friends have shown their openness at her birthday party, but Sam now pushes them to an ultimate game of 'spank poker' on a turntable.


Content:  S, R, N

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