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ORIGINS OF A FETISH was reduced on iBooks last week from $0.99 to Free. The book is also listed at Smashwords for Free.

As of today, the Amazon Kindle store and the Barnes & Noble Nook store have price-matched Apple!

Therefore, you can now obtain ORIGINS OF A FETISH for free at the Amazon Kindle store, the Apple iBooks store, and the Barnes & Noble Nook store, as well as from Smashwords.

ORIGINS OF A FETISH is the story of Sam, which is the prequel to the Experiences series - the story of Kelly (and Sam). ORIGINS OF A FETISH is only 27,000 words - more an erotica-based introduction - while FIRST EXPERIENCE, WEEKEND EXPERIENCE, and BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCE (as well as future volumes to come) are full-length novels of 100,000+ words.

Although all of the books are written as stand-alone stories, they flow chronologically through the book series. Sam meets Kelly in Book 2 (FIRST EXPERIENCE), and they fall in love in Book 3 (WEEKEND EXPERIENCE). We get to know Kelly's friends in Book 4 (BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCE). And Sam takes Kelly on an eye-opening trip to Europe in Book 5 (EUROPEAN EXPERIENCE). Kelly's friends are featured in Book 6 (FRIENDS' EXPERIENCE), and Sam takes Kelly and her friends to Hawaii in Book 7 (ISLAND EXPERIENCE). You'll just have to wait to find out what's next!

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