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Simone Freier Battles Facebook Over Nudity - And Wins a Small Victory!

Over the past 3 months, I have battled FACEBOOK over the right to advertise my books, and show the covers - which feature a clothed model, with her feet up (see the homepage of this website).

FACEBOOK advertising policy forbids nudity ... even "implied" nudity (whatever that means!).

They have been extremely inconsistent - sometimes allowing an ad to run (at a price), and sometimes disallowing the ad ... even with exactly the same image!

Their policy - up to this point - has even forbidden the showing of 'excessive skin', or 'suggestive images' (again - whatever those phrases mean) in artwork or for educational purposes!

Read the PRESS RELEASE that describes a small victory today, where FACEBOOK has [slightly] changed its interpretation of 'nudity'. [N.B. The policy applies to posts on FACEBOOK profiles and Pages, but it is unclear whether their advertising guidelines have changed.]

Read the entire Press Release.

I welcome your comments!

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