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Characters Answer Your Questions!

Sam and Kelly, the two main characters in the EXPERIENCES series of Intelligent Erotic Romance novels, have agreed to answer questions from the readers of the series.

What questions do YOU have for Sam and/or Kelly? Please put your question in the Comments, below, and Sam and Kelly will answer them next Friday. They look forward to interacting with the readers who are enjoying their continuing saga!

Below are links to all of the Q&A sessions with Sam and Kelly to-date. They are in chronological order, so can be read from top to bottom. Discover their dreams and goals, feelings and opinions. Check them out!

Q: Kelly, what initially attracted you to Sam?

Q: Kelly, during those incredible spankings, were you taking the pain just for Sam’s benefit, to please him?

Q: Kelly, can you see yourself – and Sam – getting to the point that you’ll just move in, maybe get married, and you won’t need to take courses, and do theses ... or work, for a living?

Q: Kelly, what do you think about all those needles? And shots? Spanking is one thing, but all that medical stuff seems dangerous, and not much of a turn-on.

Q: Kelly, what do you think about your friends, now that you know them a little more ‘intimately’? Did you expect them to become part of the D/S scene with Sam?

Q: Kelly, what did you think about getting waxed, down there?

Q: Kelly, what do you think your parents would say, if they knew you were ‘dating’ Sam? Actually, a lot more than dating!

Q: Kelly, you seem to have a new perspective on your friend, Julie. What is the attraction, and do you think you would prefer being with a woman? Or, at least, do you think you're bi?

Q: Kelly, your friends surprised you at your birthday party. What do you think about their reactions, and whether they will 'play' with you and Sam again?

Q: Kelly, now that you've been with Sam for several months, stayed at his house, and introduced him to your friends ... what are your current thoughts about Sam, and your future relationship with him?

Q: Sam, now that you've spent some time with Kelly, do you think she's the answer to your fantasies? Are you now more turned on by your fantasies, or your real-life adventures with Kelly?

Q: Sam, why are you so excited to take Kelly to Europe? Kelly wants to see the sights, and it sounds like you are still looking for new sexual experiences.

Q: Sam, do you see Kelly as a future wife? Will you ever get married again? Or would you rather maintain the 'play' relationship you now enjoy with Kelly?

Q: Kelly, some people have criticized Sam as being too 'clinical', more like a scientist with a clipboard, than a romantic, sexy lover. What would you say to that?

Q: Sam, you've had your fetishes your whole life. Has your relationship with Kelly satisfied your desires? Do you still crave acting out these fetishes?

Q: Sam, what is your impression of Kelly's friends - their openness and enthusiasm for playing with you guys? We've asked this of Kelly, but would like you to weigh in, also.

Q: Kelly, now that you've been with Sam for a while, have had some incredible experiences, and are working on your PhD, do you now feel your life is in balance, and you have control of your choices?

Q: Sam, now that you've modified your definition of 'sex', and have had sex - in some form - with each of Kelly's friends, where do you think this will lead, and how does it affect your love for Kelly?

Q: Kelly, you seem to be able to share your love of Sam with your friends; to you believe in polyamory? And, would you want to live in a communal relationship with Sam and your friends?

Q: Sam, following up on our last interview, how far will you take your relationship with Kelly's friends? You've done almost everything but live with them ...

Q: Kelly, now that Sam has 'played' with you and your friends for more than a year, now, have you noticed a difference in his need for everyone to prove their openness to him, or his interest in spanking or medical fetish?

Q: Sam, are you nervous about Kelly being trained as a domme, and you having to submit to her? Your turn-on began with women submitting to you.

Q: Sam, one of the reviewers of your European experience story commented that the trip focused mostly on The Netherlands, the other parts of the itinerary seeming rushed. What was your intention, and were you happy with how the trip worked out?

Q: This is a question for either or both of you: What is important? After having so many experiences with each other, and lived with each other for a year, AND - as this is a time for Thanksgiving - what do you value the most; what are the most important things in your lives?

Q: Sam, as this it the holiday season, and we're approaching the New Year, what would you say to our readers?

Q: Kelly, what are your visions for the coming year? What do you think the major events will be? Where will you be in twelve months?

Q: Sam, what is your "philosophy of life"?

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