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EXPERIENCES Excerpts (Birthday #4)

An occasional feature on my Blog: Excerpts from my EXPERIENCES series of Intelligent Erotic Romance novels. They will be provided in a random order, but most will be from the latest novels, working backward to the earlier novels. Please be aware that some of these contain graphic sex scenes.


Birthday Experience - Excerpt #4

When I woke, Sam was spooning me. “Happy birthday!” Sam told me, as he lifted his head over me and kissed my cheek. I turned toward him, and we kissed properly. Sam chuckled, “So what would you like to do today?”

I laughed, “Make love to you?” We were joking around, but I realized that this might be the only time we would be able to make love, if we were with my friends all day, and having a ‘slumber party’ tonight.

Sam replied, “I think that can be arranged. Let me just make sure you’re ready.” Sam crawled under the sheets, and between my legs, which I let fall apart, giving him access. As he expertly caressed and then licked my clit, I watched the sheet go up and down, as if I was pregnant, and the baby was trying to get out. I chuckled. What a strange thought that had been! I saw the sheet rise more, and Sam asked, “Am I tickling you?”

I laughed some more, and said, “No. Just something I was thinking.”

Without missing a beat, Sam replied, “Well, if I’m not tickling your fancy, I should be.” And with that, Sam began tickling me: My genitals and perineum, under my knees, blowing his breath under my hood, sucking my stomach and making strange sounds that vibrated his lips against me. Sam crawled his way up my body, tickling my breasts and under my arms. When his head finally emerged from the sheet, he smiled and said, “I didn’t know you were that ticklish.”

Then, he continued – kissing my neck, chewing on an earlobe, and showering my face with little kisses, finally making canine sounds and lapping my entire face with his tongue. It was wet and sloppy. Then, Sam sat up, straddling my middle, and put his hands up like ‘paws’, and panted like a dog waiting for a treat.“

“Good doggie,” I said, as I ‘shook’ one of Sam’s paws, and then surprised him by pulling him down onto me. I felt the warmth and the fullness, as he slid into me. Then he smiled, and gave me a slobbering lap on my lips. “OK, boy, now roll over!” And, like the good dog that he was, Sam rolled us over, him inside me, our legs intertwined. I smiled at him, caressed his hair gently … and then began roughly slobbering his face – lapping, like he had, and making occasional squeaks, like a small dog. We were laughing, while Sam continued to thrust into me.

Sam said, “OK, little puppy, if we’re going to do this right, I’ll have to mount you from behind.”

It was funny – and appropriate at any other time. But I frowned, “Sam, I’d rather make love this way today. It is my birthday, and it seems more loving, when we can look into each other’s eyes.” I hoped Sam would take my rejection of his ‘doggy style’ sex well.

Sam pulled my head to his, and gave me a deep kiss. “Of course, Kelly. Anything you want.” He smiled and added, “Maybe someday, we can romp around like dogs, and I can chase you, and finally mount you like a proper dog.” Then he barked a few times – loudly, and quite realistically; unless you were a dog.

Sam lay passively – only occasionally thrusting his pelvis – as I took control. I felt power over this man, and liked the feeling; and I knew that Sam did, also. I imagined being Sam’s slave, at his command, being punished mercilessly. And then, after my training, Sam would be my slave. And he would face the consequences of his actions.

I visualized Sam during our ‘first experience’ in the chair position, taking his punishment for mis-speaking to me about my age: From behind, his package swinging, ass clenching, butt shaking after I had paddled him. I orgasmed over and over, Sam coming somewhere along the way, and continuing to move in me, as my body writhed in pleasure.

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