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EXPERIENCES Excerpts (European #9)

A weekly feature on my Blog: Excerpts from my EXPERIENCES series of Intelligent Erotic Romance novels. They will be provided in a random order, but most will be from the latest novels, working backward to the earlier novels. Please be aware that some of these contain graphic sex scenes.


European Experience - Excerpt #9

Our boat tour continued down the river, gliding under arched bridges with just enough clearance. Sam and I snuggled together, as Paris passed by. We took a few more ‘selfies’ with Notre-Dame in the background, then necked like a couple of teenagers. That’s how I felt, also: Somehow ‘rejuvenated’, enervated but relaxed; with the man I loved.

Sam asked, “Would you like to play around a little?” He gave me the evil eye.

I looked around: There were only a handful of other couples up here, all involved in themselves. I looked at Sam, and shrugged. He patted his lap, and I sat, my back to his chest, my legs straddling his, and his arms around me, holding my breasts.

As I started to rock, giving Sam a lap dance, He said, “It will be too easy for me to come, and too messy, if I do. How about if I take care of you? Don’t even think about me being behind you; I’ll just put my hand down your pants, like this …”

What was he talking about, ‘don’t think about him’? I glanced around, and subtly undid my belt, and unzipped my pants, pulling my sweater down over Sam’s hand. We both rocked, and my eyes involuntarily closed, as Sam ‘hit the spot’. Then, I opened them, and looked forward, as Sam had suggested – taking in the incredible view of Paris from the river, and thinking how sweet Sam was, to take care of me.

And, how uptight he still was, being worried about the ‘mess’. I realized that I would be on a mission, to reform Sam. He was doing pretty well, so far, but had a long way to go. That was OK; I would be patient with him. My mind drifted ...

Suddenly, my PC muscles clenched repeatedly, and I was again in the real (or surreal?) world, on the cusp of an incredible orgasm. The thought of glancing around crossed my mind, but I forced myself to close my eyes, and feel the experience.

A brief cry came, unbidden, from my throat before I could regain control, thrusting my pelvis into Sam’s groin, and forward, only being restrained by Sam’s left hand holding my breast, and his right hand deep in my folds. I didn’t care whether others watched.

But when I calmed, and opened my eyes, I realized that the boat was drifting through the water very close to the wall, on the top of which was a line of people, looking down at us. Probably tourists. Well, I hope we gave them a good show. It had been good for me!

After the boat ride, we walked across a bridge and were about to head down a wide boulevard. Sam suddenly pulled me left, and we read a sign – it was the ‘Sewer Museum’ of Paris. Sam said, “This could really be interesting. I wonder whether they also have tours of the Parisian sewers?” I was about to tell him how romantic ‘Parisian sewers’ sounded, when he said, sadly, “Oh. They’re closed today.”

We walked past hotels and apartments, restaurants and pastry shops, and finally through a park, then turned to look down the long grass stretch, with tree-lined dirt paths on either side, leading to the Eiffel Tower. It was the typical tourist postcard view, but it was still impressive. We took a few more selfies, and Sam handed his phone to a passerby to take a few snaps of us. Then, we walked to the tower.

There was a line, but we went through the pre-ticketed gate, and a few minutes later we were going up in the elevator, as the tour guide gave us all the facts. It had been built in 1889 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French revolution, but was actually used for some of the first radio transmissions, and the first public radio broadcasts.

We stepped out onto a deck, and walked around – the view incredible in every direction. Sam pointed out many of the sights, including the Montmartre hill, where he said we would be, watching the sunset, 24 hours from now. We took the elevator to the top level, and walked out onto a windy, metallic deck. I looked over the edge, and signaled to Sam, but he stayed back from the rail, and I remembered that he was afraid of heights.

We snapped a few more pictures, and took our time as the sun set, the sky becoming orange, then pink – wisps of clouds refracting the light in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Several tours had come up and gone down, but we were enjoying our time up here. It was getting darker, and I could see a star in the sky. Sam and I leaned into each other, our motions slow and deliberate, putting our arms around each other, smiling, looking into each other’s eyes, and finally putting our lips together, in an electrified kiss …

Sam and I both jumped, when we heard a loud ‘clunk’ and thousands of watts of light illuminated our kiss. It really had been electric! It was ten minutes of eight, and I suggested we head down, but Sam insisted we stay up here for a while longer. He had made dinner reservations at nine, which was early for a Friday night in Paris.

I was getting bored, now, but Sam looked at his watch and smiled. His timing wasn’t perfect, but a minute later, we were illuminated again – this time with 20,000 twinkling lights, above and below us. It felt like we were in a Disney film, having been sprinkled with the twinkles of Pixie dust.

Sam kissed me again, passionately, lovingly, then took my hand firmly, and said, “Now we can go down.”

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