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Question & Answer with Sam

A: (chuckling) My philosopy of life, as you call it, is that each person should enjoy life to the fullest - experience as much as possible, and keep learning.

Of course, that is within the limitations of needing to work to support a family, and being respectful of others (i.e., not 'enjoying' life at the expense of others). As I've said before, I believe growth - through experiences and development of relationships - is one of the most important aspects of a 'full' life. And shared experiences and communication are at the core of good relationships.

(looks into my eyes, laughing), I suppose some might call me a 'Hedonist'; but I've also worked plenty in my life, and taken a lot of responsibilities, in addition to enjoying things, as much as possible.

And, while some people might say that part of enjoying life is relaxing, maybe sleeping, my philosophy is to be active and use as much time as feasible in the pursuit of growth, knowledge, new experiences, relationships, and enjoyment; including, of course, sexual enjoyment, in all of its forms.

That brings me to another aspect of my 'philosophy of life': Being open and honest. Not only being open with other people about your thoughts and feelings, but being honest with yourself - what it is that makes you truly happy.

And, as you know from my recent experiences with Kelly and her friends - and Henk and Zöe, and Fiona and Justin - I believe in being open about our sexual needs and feelings, open with our bodies - at least regarding nudity, if not sexually. (chuckling again) Although I guess I've become much more open sexually, as well.

So, I could summarize my philosophy as wanting to use all the time we have on this earth to grow, to learn, to experience, to understand and fulfill your own needs - as well as those of friends and lovers around you. And, not to be limited by the social 'norms', but to evolve beyond the usual constraints of religion and 'morality' - provided, of course, that everything is consensual, and no one is harmed.

I think Kelly shares much of my philosophy and many of my values. Which is one reason our love for each other has been so solid, over the past nearly two years. Our relationship, as with my general life philosophy, is based on mutual respect and trust, openness and honesty, love and sexual fulfillment. Enjoying each other, and continually sharing new experiences, so that we grow, together.

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