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Question & Answer with Kelly

Q: "Kelly, what are your visions for the coming year? What do you think the major events will be? Where will you be in twelve months?"

K: (with an amused expression) "Well, I certainly can't foretell the future, but there are a few things that I'd predict with a high probability. I'm expecting to take Elena's 'domme' class in the spring. And it sounds like Kathy will be getting married - on Kauai, around the middle of the year."

"I expect to be working as hard on our business - KS Biotech - as I have been at school ... assuming we can raise money for the business, and my technology works out. Sam has told me how risky the business is, and said he would be fine with me getting a job in industry; but that would probably mean moving - maybe to the Bay Area, or to Boston ... or Chicago, or Florida. Although I'm sure Sam would come with me ..."

"In any case, I want to take the risk, to work hard, and make our company succcessful. Now that my new concept for drug discovery has been accepted in my dissertation, my advisor has asked that I present the results at an international conference - he's the Program Chair - in Barcelona; I think that's in early August, around my birthday." (smiling, with a far-away look) "And I know that Sam would love to go back to Amsterdam, to visit Henk and Zöe."

"Oh, and in her holiday e-mail, Fiona said that Justin needs to come this way on business, and will be visiting Alex. Fiona won't be able to make it," (sad face, then brightening) "but Justin's little sister, Jasime, wants to come." (now, smiling broadly) "She's really hot - as we found out at Fiona and Justin's wedding. I can imagine a few things that Sam or I might 'do' with one or the other of them."

(looking down, thoughtfully) "And, of course, I expect that Sam and I will have even more, newer, exciting experiences - sexual and non-sexual - in the coming year.

(slowly raising her eyes) "Maybe I'm 'expecting' too much? But Sam has continued to surprise me for the past year and a half: Every time I thought there could be nothing else new, no more extreme experiences, I was surprised at the imagination, the creativity - maybe, as Linda would say, the 'perversion' - of Sam's mind. This man continues to excite me - in ways that I could never before have imagined."

"Whether there might be a marriage in our near future is something that I can't imagine, yet. I'm just starting my career, and will be focusing on the technology and the company. Sam and I aren't in a rush, and our experiences haven't been limited by not being married, so far. Sam has plenty of money to support us; I don't have to work. But, of course, I want to; I want to conribute something to the world, make products and people successful, and establish my own success, so that Sam and I are equals."

(smiling) "That has really been a big part of our relationship - the dominance and the submission, but having a one-sided power balance for only a short time, while we are playing. In our 'real-life' relationship, there is mutual respect and nearly-equal 'power'; of course, I defer to Sam on many things, due to his experience and knowledge. But our relationship feels balanced, despite our age difference."

(looking intently into the interviewer's eyes) "And our relationship continues to be built on openness, trust, honesty, and shared experiences. (laughing) Some of the 'BDSM Basics' and 'BDSM Wednesday' postings here on Simone's Blog confirms that these values are integral to a BDSM lifestyle." (smiling casually) "I guess I'll learn a lot more about that in my 'domme' class in a few months."

"Anyway, getting back to your questions, I have no idea where I'll be at the end of the year." (chuckling) "Probably right where I am, now - trying to get my technology to work, making the company successful, and having a little fun with Sam along the way." (now laughing heartily) "OK, a lot of fun with Sam, along the way!"


(laughing with Kelly, but more at her inside knowledge) "Little does Kelly know that her life will change completely over the next 12-15 months. In fact, it would be way beyond her comprehension, if someone told her where she would be. But even I don't know the details; I guess we'll have to watch for more of Simone's EXPERIENCES Intelligent Erotic Romance novels to find out!"

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