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EXPERIENCES Excerpts (European #6)

A weekly feature on my Blog: Excerpts from my EXPERIENCES series of Intelligent Erotic Romance novels. They will be provided in a random order, but most will be from the latest novels, working backward to the earlier novels. Please be aware that some of these contain graphic sex scenes.


European Experience - Excerpt #6

It was dark and very hot. After I pulled the door closed behind me, I looked up, and was startled to see nearly forty people, squished together on three benches. Many of them had looked up at us, and several men – and women – smiled and nodded, as we made our way across to the far bench, where a couple of middle-age women moved over to make room for us.

We arranged our towels, and settled in to the darkness, the heat, and the quiet. If I closed my eyes, it was difficult to imagine three dozen nude people nearly within arm’s length, but when I opened my eyes, they were there: So many bodies that it was difficult to discern any particular body type; there was a panorama of breasts, and penises, and bulging stomachs, sagging skin, and bald heads. There were a few cute, younger couples in here, but the mix wasn’t much different from the people we saw walking around the town.

The sauna door swung open, and a very large man entered, his stomach protruding, and hanging over any genitals that he might have. He was carrying his towel, and stepped from side to side, a bit like the movies I’d seen of a sumo wrestler. He ladled some water onto the sauna furnace rocks, and there was a loud sizzle, and a billow of steam. Most people hunched over, trying to get a little lower, as the scalding air rose above us, and settled onto our backs.

I was really hot, already, and the guy was now ladling more water over the coals. More billows of steam, and another searing wave of heat; it felt like it was blistering my back. We hunched down farther, and I wished that he would ladle some cool water over my burnt back. There were a few murmurs in the sauna, but everyone went with the flow – the entire experience now under the control of the fat guy now taking his towel from around his neck.

As I watched, mesmerized, by the scene unfolding (literally, as he was extending the towel) before me, I realized that I wasn’t the only one; Sam, and many other people were watching, and waiting. A couple of people stepped down to the bottom bench, and squeezed between the bodies already there. I was glad we were only on the middle bench; I don’t think my back would have taken any more heat, from that steam.

Now, the guy looked around the sauna at all of us, and smiled. He mumbled a few words – I’m not sure if I would have understood them, even if I spoke German – and began twirling the towel above his head. I recoiled, as there was an immediate effect, the blast wave of heat rolling over my body, which actually shivered, perhaps confused by the sensory overload. As Sam had said, hot and cold, pleasure and pain, could be very close feelings.

The towel was being twirled expertly, and the increase in heat was apparent. I bent over, my face almost to my knees, and Sam rubbed my back lightly. The towel twirling stopped, and I was glad we had survived the ordeal … but then the fat guy ladled more water onto the rocks, and began twirling again. Now, the vortices of air hitting us were exponentially hotter, and I realized that the prior experience had been just a warm-up. In a manner of speaking.

It was an ordeal, but it was over after only a few minutes had elapsed – although it felt like I had descended into a fiery Hell some time ago. The fat guy walked back and forth inside the sauna, then nodded at everyone, and exited the still-quiet space. Immediately, everyone else in the sauna rose, and we all filed out, to the showers, to the cold pool, or to walk around the outside deck in the cooling atmosphere of the night.

Sam and I did all three: We first rinsed off under some showers that had wide heads that created sheets of lukewarm water over our bodies. I wondered whether I should ask Sam to examine my back, and let me know if it really had been scalded; but everyone else had – I guess – survived, so I savored the coolness of the water, and then we walked out onto the deck.

The moon was low, between two buildings, as we stood together – our bodies sending swirls of steam into the night – and took in the scene before us: Most of the town of Munich, the twin domed towers of the Frauenkirche clearly visible, rising above the rooftops, the darkness of the winding river and the park on the other side, and a few high clouds, now silver from the moonlight.

I shivered again, not from cold, but thinking that our experience was real – it wasn’t a dream; we were in Europe, looking at structures that were many centuries old, seeing the people (boy, did we see the people!), and even smelling the aromas wafting from the ethnic neighborhoods below.

Sam turned to me and kissed me tenderly, putting his hand on my cheek; then he stood straight, held my hips, and looked into my eyes. “I love you, Kelly. I hope you’re having a nice time on this trip.” I was about to respond, when he chuckled, and added, “We may be at a commercial sauna, in a tall, modern building … but it still seems romantic to me.”

I couldn’t have agreed more, and let him know by putting my arms over his shoulders, and kissing him deeply.


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