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EXPERIENCES Excerpts (Weekend #2)

A weekly feature on my Blog: Excerpts from my EXPERIENCES series of Intelligent Erotic Romance novels. They will be provided in a random order, but most will be from the latest novels, working backward to the earlier novels. Please be aware that some of these contain graphic sex scenes.


Weekend Experience - Excerpt #2

Kelly stood motionless and stared into the room. The indirect lighting had been dimmed, the video screen that stretched nearly across the width of the room and to the floor was showing a pan shot of wildflowers on a blue-sky day in the mountains, and soft music drifted from the multi-channel sound system – seemingly coming from everywhere, but being so soft that it took a few moments to realize that it was the beginning of Ravel’s ‘Bolero’. And, there was a path of rose petals on the floor!

The room was fragrant, matching the flower scenes in the video. Kelly had not moved a muscle, but jumped as she heard a loud ‘POP!” She looked over to the bar, and saw Sam standing there smiling, and pouring two glasses of Champagne.

Kelly slowly walked towards the bar, and Sam walked around to the couch, putting the fluted crystal Champagne glasses on the coffee table, and taking the towel from around his waist and spreading it on the couch. Kelly and Sam sat on the towel, and Sam kissed Kelly again. Then, he reached for the Champagne, and they toasted with a clink of their glasses. They sat, totally relaxed from the sauna, and becoming more relaxed sipping the bubbly, listening to the increasingly persistent music.

When they had finished the few ounces of Champagne in their glasses, Sam stood, taking Kelly by the hand. They walked past the corner of the bar, where Sam pushed a button on the remote; the video stopped and motorized screen rose silently. Bolero was just getting going. Sam had envisioned his coupling with Kelly as the lovemaking scene in the movie ‘10’; hopefully, Sam and Kelly’s lovemaking would go better than the scene portrayed in the movie!

Kelly stopped in her tracks – on the rose petal path – and stared, awestruck, at the flickering candles – in holders on the wall, on the bedside dressers, and in holders mounted to the headboard, far above their heads. The rest of the playroom lights were dimmed, making the bed the focus of the room. Kelly walked slowly along the flowered path to the bed, where she turned to Sam. Her body reflected the flickering candles in a reddened glow, her hair now appeared iridescent, and deep shadows accentuated Kelly’s curves and recesses. Sparkles flickered from her eyes.

Kelly couldn’t believe what she was seeing … what was happening. As in a dream, she continued slowly down the rose petal path towards the bed. She couldn’t help but look at the variety of candles around the bed, providing their dim flickering light as an alternative to the modern electronic world.

The room smelled wonderful. How had Sam done this? Just an hour before, she was on a massage table, and an hour before that, in the swimming pool. She’d had no idea that this romantic dream world awaited her downstairs.

Kelly also couldn’t help but wonder where her relationship with Sam would lead – she had hoped he wasn’t already looking for commitment. On the other hand, Kelly was ready to commit – more than she ever had before. Not to being a housewife (nothing wrong with that, but it wasn’t Kelly’s current idea of excitement and a future with opportunity), nor to being a mother. That wasn’t a consideration with Sam, as his vasectomy would limit such an ‘opportunity’.


I’d been expecting Sam to make love to me since an hour or two after I arrived at his house last time. Sam had this strange definition of ‘sex’, and insisted that our first experience be based on submission, openness, cooperation, and self-control, rather than as just a prelude to sex. Not that I would have minded sex, also. Sam was very experienced, and had brought me to orgasm numerous times already; I was truly curious to see how he would handle ‘straight’ sex. But it was clear that he was looking at this experience as more than ‘sex’ – just as he had said. The strange thing was … so was I.

Sam led me to the bed, and hugged and kissed me again, our bodies tightly pulled together by both our efforts – communicating to each other silently, but clearly, that we did not want to lose each other. We got into the bed, but the rose petals were a bit much … I had to brush them from the pillows, and several stuck to my back and hips. They were romantic, perhaps, but not really practical.

But, how could I complain? Here was a man who was focused solely on me. This was a man able to give me incredible experiences – including wonderful orgasms, and a man out of the ordinary … ‘extraordinary’. Sam was sometimes too intense, and maybe even overly creative, but he certainly knew how to treat a woman with respect … even while he ‘had his way’ with her in some bizarre and possibly perverted ways.

Now, Sam was kissing my body … from my neck, down. He put his hands under my bum, and lifted, while going down on me … licking and sucking my clit, swirling and flicking his tongue. I was already turned-on, and wanted to be sure that we really made love this time … not just help each other masturbate.

I reached down, and grabbed his hair, pulling gently. Sam got the message, and crawled up my body, once again giving me a deep, long kiss. He held my face, and looked into my eyes. I gave a tiny nod, and Sam took his position between my legs. I guided his already-stiff cock into my cunt … savoring a feeling that I had not experienced in a while. I was so wet that he easily slid into me, and we both moaned.


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