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EXPERIENCES Excerpts (Friends #4)

A weekly feature on my Blog: Excerpts from my EXPERIENCES series of Intelligent Erotic Romance novels. They will be provided in a random order, but most will be from the latest novels, working backward to the earlier novels. Please be aware that some of these contain graphic sex scenes.


Friends' Experience - Excerpt #4

When I got downstairs, I made sure the sign on the exam room door – ‘Nurse’s Station’ – was straight, and I went inside to wait for Sam and Linda. I knew that Sam was reading the note to Linda: ‘Please come immediately to the Nurse’s Station. Your teacher will accompany you.’ I laughed inwardly, awaiting Linda’s reaction when I opened the door. She hadn’t expected this to be part of her schoolgirl role-play experience.

It didn’t take long – I soon heard a loud knocking on the exam room door. When I opened it, Linda was staring, apparently quite baffled, as Sam stood behind her. I watched, as Linda looked at me briefly, then moved her eyes downward, examining my nurse costume.

Then she squinted beyond me, at the waiting exam room – the exam table, instruments on the wall, the counter on her right with various medical supplies … and the faint smell of formaldehyde. Julie had been the only one of my friends who’d already seen Sam’s ‘exam room’.

Suddenly, Linda’s eyes went from squinting to wide, and back to beady, as she looked at me again, and a belly laugh emanated from her core. She was laughing so hard, she bent over, coughing, and Sam pushed her gently into the room. I took control. “OK, young lady, please get up on the exam table.”

As Linda stepped slowly into the exam room, and looked around, I smelled something strange, not the formaldehyde or alcohol swabs; something familiar, but unexpected. I was momentarily baffled, and then realized what it was. I glared at Sam, and he smiled weakly and shrugged.

Linda hopped up onto the exam table, her school skirt now seeming much shorter; that, and her puzzled expression made her seem younger. As she continued to gaze around the small space, her mouth fell open, and finally she looked at me in wonderment - or just confusion.

I spoke tersely, loudly, firmly. “I was notified that you were out of school for the past two days.” It wasn’t a question, but Linda nodded slowly, surely wondering where this was going … and I’m sure not being able to fathom what Sam and I had planned. I continued, “And you said you had a bad cold – perhaps even pneumonia?”

Linda glanced at Sam, who was trying to play it ‘straight’, but I could see the smile creeping onto his face, even as his eyes communicated a blank expression. Linda hesitantly nodded again. I tried to play the part of a ‘battle-axe’ nurse, speaking loudly, forcefully, in full control of the situation.

“Well, young lady, it is my responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all the girls in this school. And I won’t take the chance that you will infect the entire school; many other girls would lose class time, and possibly fall behind in their studies.”

Linda was now shaking her head, “But, Miss, I didn’t really have pneumonia. I’m sure you heard that I forged the note – just to skip classes.” She was looking more and more nervous, as she tried to explain the situation.

“I’m sorry, young lady, I just won’t take that chance. Your voice sounds hoarse now,” (it really did) “and if there is even a small chance that you’re infectious, it is my duty to protect the other girls – and instructors – in this school. I won’t take that chance. Maybe, if you lied before, you’re lying now? We don’t know what to believe, but I am required by law – and ethics – to do the ‘right’ thing. I’m going to make sure you’re ‘cured’ by Monday morning, so you can come back to school, and everyone will be safe.”

Linda was nodding slowly, still unsure of what this meant. So I clarified, “I will, therefore, give you a large dose of penicillin, to make sure you and the rest of the students and faculty are protected.”

Now, Linda understood, her mouth dropping open, and her eyes darting between Sam and I. “But … but …”

I held up my hand, “There are no buts … but there will be your butt, getting a big shot in a few minutes.” I couldn’t help but laugh, and I turned around, facing the counter, and tried coughing to cover up the laughter. I glanced at Sam, and he turned into the hall, probably also nearly hysterical at the situation we had created … and Linda’s reaction.

I picked up the syringe, a big needle attached, and turned back to Linda. Her eyes went wide, and it appeared that she was suddenly faint.

She stammered, “But I wasn’t really sick!”

And I replied, “I can’t take that chance. You’re going to get this big shot in your butt. Now, lie down on your stomach, and we’ll get started.”

Linda’s reaction was predictable; it was insanely funny, and I turned around – presumably to get the alcohol swab, but actually coughing again and trying not to laugh riotously. Sam was in the doorway again, observing the scene with fascination and – I’m sure – sexual excitement.

I turned back to Linda, who had not moved a muscle, and I raised my voice, “NOW, young lady!” Slowly, Linda turned onto her stomach, and I lifted her skirt, and began to pull down her bikini underwear.

Linda groaned. I told her, “Just suck it up, young lady. It was your idea to get pneumonia!”

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