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EXPERIENCES Excerpts (Island #4)

Another new weekly feature on my Blog: Excerpts from my EXPERIENCES series of Intelligent Erotic Romance novels. They will be provided in a random order, but most will be from the latest novels, working backward to the earlier novels. Please be aware that some of these contain graphic sex scenes.


Island Experience - Excerpt #4

I tiptoed to the other side of Julie’s bed, and quietly climbed in, under the covers. I did not touch Julie or lie next to her … just lay on my side, watching her. Notwithstanding a woman never wanting a man to see her in the morning before she cleans up, Julie looked very cute; I would say she was pretty, but not quite ‘beautiful’.

But, with her vivacious personality, openness, and assertiveness, she really was a turned-on person. I didn’t know if she craved sex, but it was obvious that she enjoyed it. She seemed to like me, and she obviously liked – or loved – Kelly.

Julie was flirtatious with me, and accepting of all the challenges I threw at her; but she was seriously infatuated with Kelly – I could see it in her eyes last night, during our ‘Spin the Bottle’ game. Perhaps Kelly should have been the one to come in and give Julie some nooky?

Julie’s eyes popped open, focusing on me, and she smiled. I brought my head to hers, and kissed her lightly on the lips, “Happy birthday, Julie.”

Now Julie slid over to me, sideways, facing me, and put her hand behind my head, grabbing my hair, and pulling me toward her. We kissed – passionately, this time – and I let my arm drop casually over her waist. Julie had slept in the nude and, of course, I was still nude.

I smiled at Julie, “You’re beautiful. I was watching you sleep. I came over to give you a little ‘birthday nooky’.” Julie smiled, her face seeming slightly flushed … but it was still too dark in the room to really tell. Then, I had to offer, “But I just realized that you might have preferred Kelly to come into your bed. I can go get her, if you want …”

I had said it in a joking way, and certainly hoped that I wasn’t kicked out and Kelly invited in. But I would have been happy for Kelly, and I knew that Julie and I would have more experiences together.

Julie shook her head, “No, silly! I’m glad you’re here. And I’m looking forward to that nooky.” We kissed again, less passionately, somewhere in between the kiss of a lover, and the kiss of a close friend. With Julie, I think for both of us, it was ‘having sex’, not ‘making love’.

Smiling at Julie’s smiling face, I whispered, “I spoke with Linda. She will leave, if you want; but she also said that she could masturbate, while we were making it. I’m OK with whatever you decide.”

Julie shrugged, then turned her head to face Linda, “Good morning, Linda. I’m going to take Sam up on his offer of a little morning sex. But it’s OK with us, if you want to stay in bed.”

I heard Linda say, quietly, “Thanks, Julie.” I heard some sheets rustling, and Julie turned back to me. Then, taking me in her hand, she held me, and moved her thumb in a circular motion over my frenum.

“So what is your preferred position, this morning, m’lady?” I gave Julie a peck on the lips.

She shrugged, “Anything with you in control, but I want to be facing you.”

That was a good offer; although ‘over the corner of the bed’ was one of my favorite positions. I got under the covers, and between Julie’s legs, as I went down on her. I swirled my tongue under her hood, and around her clit, and then used my fingers to lightly massage her clit in a circular motion.

Julie’s hands came under the sheet, and pulled me up to her. Her knees came up, as I moved up her body, first kissing her breasts, and then her mouth. I tried to rub myself on her, and was happily surprised that – despite her lack of pubic hair – her ‘stubble’ was stimulating. And Julie’s stroking had achieved its goal.

I entered Julie, the feeling glorious. Julie squeezed her pelvic muscles as I thrust into her, and we kissed deeply. Then, I lifted my head, and smiled at Julie. She knew that I was asking something, and gave me a curious look, then a very subtle nod of her head.

Sliding out of Julie, I flipped back the covers and sheets, and crawled backwards to the foot of the bed, pulling her by the ankles, as I slid off the bed. Then, I pulled until her butt was just beyond the spread, and I lifted her legs, resting them on my shoulders.

Julie smiled, as I reentered her, grasping her hips, and pulling her even further toward me, until my front was slapping against her bottom and thighs on every thrust. I leaned forward, and Julie crossed her ankles behind my neck. I took a big thrust into her, and leaned forward until the crook of Julie’s knees were over my shoulder.

Julie reached up and held my shoulders, as she pulled herself up, and I put my hands around her, bringing our heads together, as I began to thrust again. Julie pushed my shoulders, as she lay back down, turned her head toward the wall, and closed her eyes.

I realized that she could thrust much better this way, and she was now gyrating wildly, a desperate, pained look on her face. Or, maybe that was ecstasy? My mind was receding as I approached my own orgasm and, somehow, Julie and I came together, both of us grunting and moaning, panting, and gasping, as our bodies spasmed together.

It was on my third or fourth final orgasmic thrust into Julie that my eyes fluttered open, and I saw Linda smiling at me. She was still in the next bed, the covers pulled up to her neck, but her hands reaching under them. She closed her eyes, and reached her own climax a minute later, as I bent down to kiss Julie.

I whispered, “Happy birthday, Julie.

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