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Question & Answer with Sam

Q: Are you nervous about Kelly being trained as a domme, and you having to submit to her? Your turn-on began with women submitting to you.

A: Yes, I am a little nervous about it. Like you said, most of my turn-on is in seeing other people submit. And, as I've said in the past, I don't need to see them in real pain - having them submit with even just the anticipation of pain is a turn-on for me. And I can get a little excited by my own submission - for example, to Kelly - but I'm still fantasizing about me being the top.

(chuckling) Kelly's turn-ons are similar: She will submit to me, and get turned-on by it ... but she's still fantasizing about me submitting to her. And I'm OK with submitting ... but Kelly tends to take her dominance more seriously: I think she really likes to see me in pain. Well, at least she's not put off by it. At some point, I begin to feel sorry for the bottom, while Kelly's temperament is much more suited to actually being the dominant one. She's only topped me seriously a few times ... but it hurts! Getting too much pain is a turn off for me, but Kelly will get turned off if I try to stop the scene or use my safeword.

So I'm not really sure that I can satisfy her, in the long run; especially, if she's fully trained as a domme, and expects to be the dominant in our relationship. I'm used to calling the shots (in a manner of speaking), and although I'm OK with letting her top me occasionally, I don't think I could make that a lifestyle. (laughing again) I may offer to be Kelly's sex slave for a month or two, but I don't think I would be very happy for that to be a permanent situation.

(frowning) We'll just have to see. I hope we can both be satisfied with our current style of relationship - where we ask each other to submit occasionally. I'm fine with that ... even if Kelly causes me more pain than I cause her. Our turn-ons are still evolving, and I can't really predict how they might change if Kelly is trained as a domme. Although that's not going to happen this summer, she's planning to take the course from Mistress Elena next spring. (smiling) I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it!

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