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Question & Answer with Sam

Q: Sam, what is your impression of Kelly's friends - their openness and enthusiasm for playing with you guys? We've asked this of Kelly, but would like you to weigh in, also.

A: It's really been very surprising. First, it was amazing that Kelly and I had some compatible fantasies - that was fortuitous, and 'saved' me from the depressing life I had been leading after I lost Sarah. Looking back just a few months at the relationship that Kelly and I - and her friends - have developed, I can't even imagine my life going in a different direction. (chuckling) Maybe I really would have started playing golf, or building model airplanes. But my life with Kelly has rejuvenated me; I feel energetic, alive again.

It is even more amazing that two of Kelly's friends had experienced spankings in school, and at least one of them (Linda) now gets turned on by thinking of her school paddlings. Kelly had introduced Julie as a wild person; I guess that's how most people view her, but we've learned that Julie is a very nice person who likes to 'push' situations - just like I do. It was Linda's 'birthday spanking experience' during Kelly's long weekend here when we witnessed how sexually turned on both Linda and Julie can get by 'playing' with us.

Kathy is suppposed to be the most 'open' among the girlfriends, but all three of them have demonstrated their openness - to nudity, to spanking, and even to new sexual experiences with us. Our relationship with Julie has deepened, as Kelly and I have included her in some of our 'play'. Kelly and her friends have learned many new things about each other, and now see their friends as much more 'sexual' people. Even Linda, perhaps the most conservative of the friends, has demonstrated her sexuality, and her openness to trying some intimate experiences with us.

I think that Kelly has a new appreciation for her friends, and we're all seeing each other in a different light, now that we've spent time together. Our first activities with Kellly's friends were intended to 'test' them on their openness, and how they would respond to some of our fetishistic activities. But now that they have responded positively, shown their enthusiasm, and spent time with us, we will need to think about how to incorporate them further into our fantasy lives.

Overall, I've seen that Kelly's freinds are quite mature in many respects, and they all have the self-confidence, strength, and interest to try new experiences - even intimate experiences with Kelly and I. But they are also unafraid to let us know when they don't like the things we are doing. We'll have to see how the relationships develop ... but I have little doubt that we'll be playing with Kelly's friends more in the future.

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