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Question & Answer with Kelly

Q: Some people have criticized Sam as being too 'clinical', more like a scientist with a clipboard, than a romantic, sexy lover. What would you say to that?

A: It's true. Sam has been a 'scientist'-type all his life - that's how he thinks, and acts. As they say (paraphrased), "You can take the man out of science, but you can't take science out of the man." (laughing) Sam has done his 'experiements' on me, and has even carried a clipboard around, asking me questions - 'taking my data'. That's just who he is.

You hae to realize that I'm into science, as well, and - although I don't think I was ever as nerdy as Sam, I can certainly understand his drive to find the truth, his need for precision, and his interest in collecting statsitical data. That doesn't make him less romantic. I guess it's true that he doesn't come across as an emotional or feeling person ... but he really is. He has shown great sensitivity and compassion , as well as a good amount of 'romance' in our relationship.

Sam is close to being obsessive-compulsive; maybe he is. And I've realized that he might have a touch of Asberger's: He is not entirely socially adept, and sometimes doesn't read people very well, but he has great language skills, and he's brilliant in several ways. I'm sure that Sam can be difficult to be with - to live with - for many people. He is very intense. I don't think many people - of any age - can keep up with his energy level.

And, I don't think many people can match his sexual drive. (chuckling) When I first met Sam, and we talked about sexual things, I wondered whether he could get it up. Now, I realize it's difficult for him to keep it down ("you can't keep a good man down"). But Sam has opened up a world of new sensual and sexual adventures for me, and it has renewed my interest in sex and men. Well, at least, Sam.

As far as Sam's quirks, we all have some ... and I can live with Sam being a little bit of the 'nutty scientist'. He is my nutty scientist, and I love him.

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