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Question & Answer with Kelly

Q: Kelly, what do you think about your friends, now that you know them a little more ‘intimately’? Did you expect them to become part of the D/S scene with Sam?

K: (laughing) No – I had no idea that they would be in the least interested. We haven't really kept touch with each other that much; and in our younger years, we didn’t talk in so much detail. We all had hook-ups at various times, and sex was a normal part of most relationships. But we didn’t talk about fantasies, or ‘kinks’, or even orgasms. I guess we’re mature enough now to discuss these things, but I don’t think it would have come out, if Sam hadn’t been the catalyst.

As far as what I think about them? I’m actually impressed by Julie and Linda more than before; Kathy hasn’t returned yet, and I’m looking forward to seeing her at my birthday party. I’ve realized that Julie is always acting a part, showing off, being an exhibitionist. But seeing her masturbate, I realized that she could be a real person, also. I want to get to know Julie better; maybe much better.

As far as Linda, I was impressed that she took a ‘birthday spanking’ from Sam (he had to be really crazy to even say something to her). But she had told me about being turned-on by school spankings in the South, so I wasn't too surprised that she would go along with it.

Overall, I now see them as much more sexual creatures … ones with whom I may cultivate a different relationship.

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