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We have had a great response to ORIGINS OF A FETISH - which is priced at "Free", as the short (100-page) prequel to the EXPERIENCES series.

Telling "the story of Sam", one of the lead characters in the series, ORIGINS provides a nice background, but the romance begins when Sam meets Kelly in Book 2: FIRST EXPERIENCE.

Both books are narrated by Sam, whereas in the later books (starting in Book 3: WEEKEND EXPERIENCE), as Kelly's dominant side develops, she finds her voice in the shared narration of the story.

In order to incentivize our readers to 'take the leap' into the REAL story, we are offering a March special price for FIRST EXPERIENCE of only $3.99!

With 5 books published (1575 pages, 79 chapters, and 475,000 words!), and the next book being written (FRIENDS' EXPERIENCE), the series can now be seen as the continuing love story between Sam and Kelly. Both characters grow throughout the series, and the sensual and sexual adventures continue to evolve, through their joint exploration of kinks and fetishes.

We hope that you will take advantage of the special lower price, and read FIRST EXPERIENCE, available at all fine retailers. Links are provided below:

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