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Question & Answer with Sam

Q: Sam, you've had your fetishes your whole life. Has your relationship with Kelly satisfied your desires? Do you still crave acting out these fetishes?

A: My fetishes grew from childhood experiences and developed exponentially after Sarah passed. They have been the source of my fantasies, and my fetish interests have broadened, with my Internet 'research'.

Incredibly, most of my fantasies were 'satisfied' during Kelly's 'first experience' with me. And, at that time, I wondered whether my fantasies would be diminished. Whether I would think of new fantasies, continue the old ones, or not be able to get turned on, at all.

I've found that I still have the same fetishes, and generally fantasize about the same things, now that my relationship with Kelly has developed. But I am having to be more creative - to come up with even more ideas, including 'playing' with Kelly's friends, as we did during her birthday party. And, I'm finding that more of my fantasies involve Kelly being the 'top', or domme, and me being the one receiving the punishment or embarrassment.

However, I have also been very turned-on, just thinking about Kelly - her personality, her strength, and her incredible looks. I realized several times while making love to her that I had never thought about my fetishes, only of Kelly. That experience is something new in my life. (laughing) I guess Kelly is giving me some new experiences, also.

While I still enjoy acting out my fetishes with Kelly and her friends, Kelly and I are far beyond the 'embarrassment' stage, and Kelly has proven that she will 'submit', whenever I ask. But I'm still turned-on by watching her submit to something that I've asked of her. And I know that she's also turned-on when I submit to her. We have a balanced relationship in that respect; but Kelly is pushing me to go beyond my former 'limits'. We're both becoming more open people.

I expect my fantasies to evolve, but it doesn't appear that I will ever lack new fantasies and turn-ons. Just Kelly's openness and enthusiasm is a turn-on to me. I think we'll both continue to find new turn-ons, as we continue to explore our sexual identities.

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