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Question & Answer with Sam

Q: Sam, do you see Kelly as a future wife? Will you ever get married again? Or would you rather maintain the 'play' relationship you now enjoy with Kelly?

A: When I met Kelly, I certainly wasn't looking to get married; I wasn't even thinking about having another mate for life. I have nothing against marriage - Sarah and I enjoyed our marriage - but I also don't think people should feel compelled to be married, in order to have a serious, and perhaps permanent, relationship.

I haven't thought of Kelly as a 'spouse', but I have thought about her as my life partner ... and still do. It may be unrealistic, and perhaps unfair to Kelly, but if I had three wishes, one of them would be for Kelly and I to be together, always. (laughing) The other two wishes would be for our good health, and for our relationshiop to remain as ideal ias it is, today. (I wouldn't wish to be together with Kelly always, if our relationship were going to deteriorate; you really need to be careful, if you're only going to get three wishes!).

Kelly and I have talked about it a little, and she's not ready to get married, or be responsible for someone else; she is, rightly, focused on her education and her career. I wouldn't want to do anything that interferes with Kelly completing her goals. Kelly is a very smart woman, and I have no doubt that she will be successful in her future career. And I think that I would want anybody I was serious about to have their own life, their career, interests, and goals. I would never look for, or be satisfied with, a passive person, or someone who just wanted to make me happy, independent of their own desires.

Kelly and I have a few more years to figure out where we want to go in our lives - and if we want to go there together. I'm hoping we will ... but, ultimately, I want Kelly to be happy; even if that means that she decides to find someone else. I truly love Kelly, and care about her happiness - perhaps more than mine. (laughing) Right now, Kelly's 'happiness' includes exploring new options, including having relationships with women. That's fine with me, and I'm sure she will find herself, and define her own direction in life. I'm happy to be a facilitator, and hopefully won't let my personal desires get in the way of Kelly's growth.

As far as our current relationship, I would categorize it as more than 'play'. Kelly and I have deep feelings for each other, independent of anything we do sexually together. I can't imagine those feelings changing, even if we do someday go our separate ways. I know that I will always love Kelly.

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