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Question & Answer with Sam

Q: Sam, why are you so excited to take Kelly to Europe? Kelly wants to see the sights, and it sounds like you are still looking for new sexual experiences.

A: (chuckling) I'm excited to share new experiences with Kelly - of all types. Sharing experiences leads to better communications - a more solid base from which to reference new things. So, I'm also looking forward to sharing the sights with Kelly - we're mainly going to tourist areas, including some of the big cities and a few things in the countryside.

And I also want to expose Kelly to new cultures, languages, customs and foods. I think Europe will only be the first of many trips we take together. Again, this is partly to provide new shared experiences, but also develop a new perspective - on people, and their values. There are some things accepted in Europe that would be considered strange or improper in the U.S., and European people have slightly different perspectives on 'life', compared to Americans. I empathize with many of those perspectives, including living an adventurous life (not as bridled by thoughts of death), and being more comfortable with their bodies, in general.

I'm really looking forward to sharing with Kelly the various ethnic cuisine - from Indian and Indonesian, to Dutch, German, Swiss, French, and many others. Ah, the wurst und brot at a particular stand in Zurich! The Goulaschsuppe in Vienna! A good Swiss fondue! It's been too long for me, and I hope that Kelly will share my enthusiasm for European culture and cuisine.

(cough) But, yes, I'm also looking forward to discovering new sensual, and even sexual, experiences with Kelly. Opening our minds to alternative lifestyles - like Henk, who is a professional, and his partner Zöe, who is a punk bisexual (for lack of a better description ... and understanding of her inclinations). I'm expecting Zöe to take Kelly to a special 'club', where her eyes - and mind - may be opened a little furhter.

So, there are many reaons why I'm looking forward to our trip. Meeting old friends, sharing new experiences, and continuing the growth of our relationship together. And, getting out of the house for a while!

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