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Question & Answer with Sam

Q: Sam, now that you've spent some time with Kelly, do you think she's the answer to your fantasies? Are you now more turned on by your fantasies, or your real-life adventures with Kelly?

A: When Kelly and I first met, she perfectly fit my submission fantasies; she was literally the woman of my dreams. And, she still is.

But over the past few months being with Kelly, I have learned many things. My fantasies have now developed further, and I've realized that living (or acting out) some of these fantasies does not diminish my imagination or turn-on in thinking about new situations. And, even new people - such as Kelly's friends. I've also realized that some of the things about which I have fantasized are actually better in the fantasy than in real life. It has certainly been a turn-on to see Kelly submit to the many things I've asked of her, but it's also been a turn-on to see Kelly grow and become a strong woman, in fact a domme in her own right.

I've found that I'm turned-on by submitting to Kelly, although I don't like some of the things she's asked of me. I'm still excited by roleplay with Kelly, including spanking and medical procedures ... even when they're done on me. It was a great turn-on to see Kelly in her nurse outfit, the stethoscope around her neck, and a shot in her hand, as I lay on the exam table. I should note that in my fantasies, I was always the 'top'. So, submitting to Kelly goes beyond what I had ever envisioned.

In the same way, being with Kelly goes far beyond my fantasies. Kelly is not only the answer to my fantasies, she is the answer to my need to be with someone. Close to someone. I still miss Sarah, but Kelly has given me a new life, new expectations, and new hope. I wasn't looking for a committed relationship, and I certainly didn't expect to fall in love; but that's what has happened. Yes, I'm still turned-on by spanking Kelly ... but I'm also turned-on just being with her. Kelly is an intelligent, independent, and strong woman; someone who I respect. I feel we have a very balanced relationship - Kelly and I are equals.

We are both still exploring our sexual identity and desires. I've seen that Kelly can be turned-on by males and females; she is finding her bisexual persona. And I have been turned-on by Kelly's friends - who have been unexpectedly receptive to playing with us. Kelly and I are both open enough to not only allow, but encourage each other to explore these turn-ons. (laughing) I really am living a 'dream world', although it isn't what I had pictured in my fantasies. I guess life is never as we had envisioned it, or 'hoped' for it to be. One must take life as it comes, and live it to the fullest. And, Kelly and I are trying to do that.

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