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Great Review of FIRST EXPERIENCE by Forever Book Lover

Book Review:

First Experience

Posted on October 26, 2014

Title: First Experience

Author: Simone Freier

Genre: Erotic Romance

Rating: 8/10

This is, hands down, one of the best erotic romance novels I’ve ever read. And I’ll tell you why.

Because there was foreplay, and a lot of it. The book doesn’t just dive into a relationship, doesn’t just introduce two characters and bam, have them wind up together, sharing instant chemistry and of course, acting out on that almost right away. You know – insta love. “First Experience” is nothing like that. Sam and Kelly meet and share an instant connection, but nevertheless, we first find this explored in their fantasies. They don’t act on it right away. There’s a lot of build up, which makes it easy for the reader to connect to the characters.

Sam and Kelly are two quite different people, but they form a good match all the same. The story doesn’t just focus on their relationship in bed, or their fantasies, but also on the growing attraction and bond between them, setting up the scene for the next book in the series.

The two characters have several conversations about fantasies and boundaries and limits, and if you’ve ever been interested in the BDSM scene and wanted to know more – be it just fiction, or to use in real life – I’d say this book is a good place to start. It makes it clear how to fulfill one’s fantasies without losing respect for one’s partner.

An amazing intro to this series, and I look forward to reading the sequel.



0/10 - I hated this book. Not recommended at all. 1/10 - I'm giving points for bothering to write it, but it's not good at all in my opinion. 2/10 - This book had some redeeming qualities, but I still wanted to toss it on the floor. 3/10 - Could've been worse, but it still didn't capture my attention. 4/10 - It's getting there, but only read this one if you have a lot of time to waste. 5/10 - This book is so-so. I enjoyed parts of it, and disliked other parts. 6/10 - We're getting there. Not the newest groundbreaking novel, but definitely good enough to rent from the library. 7/10 - Great potential here. Not recommended to everyone, but I do advice it to fans of the genre. 8/10 - I absolutely loved this book. You should give it a try as well. 9/10 - Ever know how it feels to read a book you know will rock your world? This one is it! 10/10 - Best book EVER. GO BUY IT NOW.

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