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Book 2 in Simone Freier's EXPERIENCE series, FIRST EXPERIENCE, has been released in the Amazon Kindle store!

You can get there by clicking on the "Kindle" button next to FIRST EXPERIENCE on the Books page.

FIRST EXPERIENCE is a stand-alone book, although ORIGINS OF A FETISH is the prequel, and will illuminate Sam's motives and fantasies. The next book in the series is WEEKEND EXPERIENCE - to be released on October 17.

FIRST EXPERIENCE is a full-length (111,000 word) novel, an erotic romance that combines literary style with graphic descriptions of sex and fetishes. Perhaps it could be called 'elite erotica'? It is highly detailed, both in the thought processes of the characters, and in the description of their activities.

FIRST EXPERIENCE includes scenes of spanking with various implements, needle insertions and saline injections, rectal thermometer, butt plugs, and enemas. But underneath the fetishistic activities, a love is developing between Sam and Kelly.

The series will continue with WEEKEND EXPERIENCE, to be released on October 17. However, it is available now in paperback (accessible via the Books page).

I hope you like the EXPERIENCES series!

- Simone

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