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Question & Answer with Kelly

Q: Kelly, now that Sam has 'played' with you and your friends for more than a year, now, have you noticed a difference in his need for everyone to prove their openness to him, or his interest in spanking or medical fetish?

K: (laughing) Not really. He knows that my friends and I have been totally open with him, so I guess he may not feel the need to have us prove anything ... but I think he still gets turned on by our openness. And, I guess he doesn't spank me very often, any more ... he certainly knows that I will submit to him whenever he wants. And, of course, we've seen that he's also willing to submit to me.

But I think he is still turned on by seeing my friends submit - for example, during their recent 'experience' with us. That turned into a competition, and my friends really demonstrated their willingness to take whatever Sam threw at them. And, Sam was very turned on when Linda did her 'schoolgirl' roleplay with him. So I don't think he's any less excited about these things ... but he's toned it down a little. He saw that Kathy reached her 'limit', and I think he's more interested in keeping everyone's friendship than pushing them to submit to one of his 'games'.

I have to say, though ... (laughing again) ... Sam really does have a lot of sexual energy and stamina. I've never had as much sex with anyone else in my life (and, of course, I've never lived with another man), and I think he could easily hold his own with any younger guy. But, although he can get turned on very easily, he also has great control over his sexual response. I asked him recently whether he practiced Tantric sex, but he said he has developed his techniques on his own. One thing is for sure: Sam really knows how to satisfy a woman!

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