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Question & Answer with Sam

Q: Following up on our last interview, how far will you take your relationship with Kelly's friends? You've done almost everything but live with them ...

A: Kelly's friends, Julie, Linda and Kathy, are great, and have been really good sports about 'playing' with us. And Kelly and I have become much closer with all of them - especially Julie and Linda. But, as you said, there aren't many more new things that we can do with them - at least, regarding my fantasies of openness and trust between us all.

We will be taking Kelly's friends to Hawaii at the end of the summer, and that should be a fun trip - with just a few more 'openness challenges' for them. (chuckling) But it's mainly now about our enjoying each others' friendship.

No - I don't think Kelly and I would ever live with any of her friends. She talked about 'polyamory' in the last interview, and while we both believe it is possible to love more than one person, we are very much still in love with each other; although we have deep feelings for her friends - perhaps even 'love' them, in some ways - I don't think that love compares to what Kelly and I have developed together.

Kelly may still want to have some sexual experiences with Julie ... and Linda and I have really 'hit it off', and may want to play more together (as she is also turned on by spanking) ... they each have their own lives. I fully expect them to find their own male friends - perhaps even get married; and I hope that we will still have close feelings for each other.

(laughing) Actually, there might be some new 'adventures' or 'experiences' between Kelly and I and her friends with their partners ... as we have had with Fiona and Justin. So I see us morphing into more of a couples relationship, than our current close relationships to Kelly's friends individually. I don't know how it will turn out; perhaps our Hawaii adventure will lead to a new kind of relationship between all of us? We'll just have to see ...

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