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Recent Reviews of EXPERIENCES: All 5-Stars!

From late June to late July, there have been some great reviews of my most recent two books: EUROPEAN EXPERIENCE and FRIENDS' EXPERIENCE!​

Following are excerpts from some of these reviews (on Amazon):

Karen Ruggiero

European Experience:

I can't get enough of Simone Freier, or her writing.

I am blown away by each and every book; each seems to be a little bit better than the last.

European Experience by far exceeded my expectations, and got me completely hooked.

It's rare for an author to have this kind of talent, but Freier definitely has it.

What I love about this series is that It's way more than just erotica. There is actual storyline here, and real love between Sam and Kelly. Their chemistry is just off the hook!

I truly can't wait for the next book in the series to come out.

Friends’ Experience:

Another great story by Simone Freier.

I seriously look forward to these books coming out, because I just can't seem to get enough of them.

I'm definitely addicted, and that's due to the unique writing style and amazing storyline that Freier has created.

I had a problem putting it down for even a second.

We see mature growth between [Kelly and Sam] that is almost magical.

These books make you ponder what your own limits might be.

It takes me into another world, and makes me question certain things about my own life.

I love the adventure of Sam and Kelly, and love seeing them grow together - both mentally and a physically.

I truly can't wait for the next book in the series to come out.


European Experience:

European Experience by Simone Freier is … my 5th novel by this intriguing erotica author.

The intimacy that [Sam and Kelly] share is to be envied.

These books are about more than just the sexual side of their relationship, but also how they grow together in both a spiritual and a mental sense as well.

I particularly enjoyed the cultural aspects of this book as we follow Sam and Kelly all over Europe.

If you are into kink and love a good relationship I would definitely recommend this book.

Friends’ Experience:

The reintroduction of some “new” characters brings a whole new level of engagement to this

installment of the series.

If you are into BDSM and/or intrigued by submission then this book will be up your alley.

Start this series and you won’t regret it.

Robin Perron

European Experience:

I have to say, with each book the story and the relationships just get better and better.

In European Experience you get to follow Sam and Kelly as they travel through all sorts of wonderful places in Europe, meet new and intriguing people, and deepen their relationship through exercises in trust, experimentation … and quite a bit of kink.

If you like a great story line with a beautiful relationship and some steamy scenes the European

Experience is definitely right up your alley.

Friends’ Experience:

Simone writes in such a way that you not only enjoy the kink but also the story.

You start to wonder where your limits would lie in a similar situation.

I’m glad to have taken this journey with Kelly and Sam and hope to get to read more novels about


Jan Heart

European Experience:

Despite the fact that this is now book 5 in the Experiences Series I’m still loving it.

Simone Freier is a hugely entertaining and accomplished fictional writer.

The level and depth of knowledge she reveals about life and love in some of the cities and countries of

Europe is impressive and entertaining.

In a variety of fascinating settings, Sam and Kelly have an intense and amazing range of experiences

I still find the dual narrative voice so skillfully managed, and it works so well in revealing the



Friends’ Experience:

A new storyline has been introduced and shows us … the skill of the author in broadening the world

around Sam and Kelly to include their families.

Though I had to question how Sam and Kelly can maintain their strong attachment and love in the face

of their ‘experiences’ with others, I found that the author achieves this and only makes me admire

more the amazing relationship she’s created for these two.

Great characterization which enriches the whole reading experience.

The ‘experiences’ are sometimes over the top as we know Sam well enough by now to know the kind

of ideas he comes up with - sometimes this is annoying , sometimes amusing and you can feel yourself eye-roll along with the girls, but the final ‘experience’ he sets up had me groaning and

laughing simultaneously.

A thoroughly enjoyable read, fantastic work and as ever I’m already eagerly awaiting the next


John Phiser

European Experience:

I was curious to see how the author would handle [the Europe trip]. She did a fantastic job!

Kelly is truly blossoming into the most amazingly beautiful and confident young woman.

Friends’ Experience:

What struck me particularly about this book is how well the thought processes of our two main characters are written.

The alternating voice that Simone Freier employs has always been a strength of these novels as much

as their amazing descriptions and depictions of sexual, emotional and submissive behavior between

the main and other characters, but she seems to have reached a level of competency that makes

everything flow superbly.

The author classifies her novels as a new genre, Intelligent Erotic Romance and for me, therein lies the appeal – it’s not just your senses and emotions that are stimulated, but also your intellect.

If you’re into this genre and haven’t read any of Simone Freier’s novels yet, a delight awaits you!

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