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Question & Answer with Kelly

Q: Kelly, you seem to have a new perspective on your friend, Julie. What is the attraction, and do you think you would prefer being with a woman? Or, at least, do you think you're bi?

K: I've learned a lot about my friends, lately. Sam has a way of 'bringing them out', when they come over to his house. (laughing) And, all of them have surprised me with their openness, and enthusiasm for trying some of the stuff that Sam and I have been doing. Linda, expecially, has surprised all of us. I think she's really getting into it.

As far as Julie, I'm beginning to understand her much better; getting a perspective on who she is now, and who she was when we were in high school. She really does put on a good act, and loves to play the part of a vixen, like she did with my dad. Her 'acting' explains quite a few times, I can remember back then, when everyone just thought she was wild, but now I can see that she was playing a role.

But when Julie masturbated in front of Sam, Linda and I, it certainly was not acting. She was raw, savage - as I think I termed it to Sam - feral. Of course, she impressed us with her openness. But, much more than that, she impressed me with the 'realness' of her emotions; she was 'in the moment', and I don't think Linda and I had ever seen her so real. Not acting, but feeling - exuding - incredible emotions.

And, yes, that turned me on. Still does. (reaching between her legs) I'm looking forward to 'playing' with Julie. And, no, I don't think I will give up men! (now laughing) But I can see that I might have 'bi' tendencies. I'm sure I can get off on both women and men ... and enjoy it. Fortunately, Sam is a sweet guy, and he doesn't seem to have a problem of me being with a woman - especially, if he can be around, or participate.

I could really get turned on by the idea of having a ménage with Julie and Sam. I don't know if that would ever happen; maybe I'll go home now, and think about it a little more. (laughing)

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