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Question & Answer with Kelly

Q: Kelly, can you see yourself – and Sam – getting to the point that you’ll just move in, maybe get married, and you won’t need to take courses, and do theses ... or work, for a living?

K: No, I can’t see it that way, at all. I will finish my degrees and work, probably in industry. But maybe I would decide the money’s not important, if I were with Sam, and get a university job: Professor Kelly!

I don’t know what will happen, or when. But I certainly won’t curtail my ambitions because of Sam, or anyone else – no matter their wealth. Those ‘billionaire’ stories are nice fantasies – I wouldn’t mind that either; of course, you wonder – with that much money – if they’re a little ‘off’, not like a normal person like Sam. Heh. Sam certainly isn’t ‘normal’, either. But Sam and I have hit-it-off with each other. That’s making me happy, now.

And, just one more thing: If Sam and I stay together, I predict that I will be the dominant in the family; I think that would be true for most of the men I would meet. So I don’t expect to be ‘told’ what to do by Sam. I have ambitions and will always try to meet the challenges. I want to make a mark – on the field, on society. Who knows? Maybe one day, I’ll be the billionairess, attracting cute, young men, who will do anything I ask. Now, I have a fantasy of a harem of guys … Well, I think this interview has ended, for the day.

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