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Beyond 50 Shades. WAY beyond!

Beyond 50 Shades. WAY beyond!

More BDSM … more love … more thoughtful … more literate …

EXPERIENCES: An Intelligent Erotic Romance Saga

Simone Freier’s sizzling EXPERIENCES series - where romance flourishes along with an exploration of kinks and fetishes in an atmosphere of openness, trust, and love. Each book is a stand-alone, full-length erotic romance novel. 18+ ONLY!

“ORIGINS OF A FETISH”, the prequel, is "the story of Sam", who is intrigued by some specific fetishes. Successful in business and his marriage, the loss of his wife motivates him to explore his fetishes with a few ‘neighborly’ women. (101 pages, 7 chapters, 27,000 words)

"FIRST EXPERIENCE" begins the real story, as Sam meets Kelly, a woman half his age, and he introduces her to some of his 'turn-ons'; she turns out to be much stronger – in many ways - than he had expected. (371 pgs, 17 chapters, 111,000 words)

"WEEKEND EXPERIENCE" reveals that Sam and Kelly have real feelings for each other, and the narration trades-off between Sam and Kelly, giving both POVs. (333 pgs, 17 chapters, 101,000 words)

"BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCE" introduces Kelly's friends to some fetish experiences, and they prove to be more open than either Sam or Kelly could have imagined. (345 pgs, 19 chapters, 104,000 words)

"EUROPEAN EXPERIENCE" continues the couple's exploration of kinks and fetishes during a special tour through Europe, and Kelly takes an even larger part of the narration. (427 pgs, 19 chapters, 132,000 words)

“FRIENDS’ EXPERIENCE” (to be released in April 2015), continues the story, Sam and Kelly challenging Kelly’s friends to submit to more BDSM and fetish experiences, and an element of intrigue entering the story.

There are about a dozen books planned in the EXPERIENCES series, with Kelly taking the dominant role in the relationship … and there are several surprises in store for readers of the series!.

As Sam is scientific and clinical, the first couple of books may seem 'dry', but as Kelly becomes the focus of the story, their open and loving relationship blossoms, and real feelings emerge. Sam discovers that he may be the inhibited one, as he submits to more of Kelly’s challenges.

As of April 1, 2015, the series comprises 1575 pages, 79 chapters, and 475,000 words … and the saga continues!

There is a full synopsis of the EXPERIENCES series HERE, and some great reviews of each book on Amazon and other fine retailers.

These full-length Intelligent Erotic Romance novels are a combination of 'erotica' (having graphic sex and fetish scenes) and 'romance' (developing over the arc of several books), with philosophic discussion throughout the story focusing on the ethics, mores, and motivations relating to nudity, sex, love and relationships in our modern society.

I hope you like them!

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