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Kirkus Reviews, one of the most widely respected reviewers of books and ebooks, has completed their review of WEEKEND EXPERIENCE.

Following are a few of the quotes from their review:

"[In] the third novel in Freier's series about an unlikely couple and their fetish explorations ... the two continue to explore new erotic possibilities together."

"Every bit as explicit as readers might expect, the story encompassas not just kinky practices, but the thought processes behind them."

"[In the third novel in Freier's series] ... the descriptions of dominance and submission are undiminished."

"Excited readers must wait a bit for Kelly's friends to become involved ... but the wait is worth it for those who have ever dreamed of having their thoughts 'muddled with an embarrassment of riches ... of the sensual kind'."

Their summary is:

"Fifty shades grayer in this deep look at sexual exploration."

We are quite pleased with the results from Kirkus Reviews! Still awaiting their review of FIRST EXPERIENCE, which should be available soon.

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