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ORIGINS OF A FETISH - Rising on Amazon Bestseller Lists!

ORIGINS OF A FETISH - the prequel for Simone Freier's EXPERIENCES series is now on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller lists for Free Erotica-BDSM, and Free Romantic-Erotica, as shown below:

Origins Bestseller Rank 150202-2PM.jpg

ORIGINS may be considered more 'erotica' (than erotic romance), as it is relatively short (100 pgs), has graphic scenes of fetishes, and essentially no romance (except the love by Sam for his wife).

However, ORIGINS still provides a good introduction to the rest of the EXPERIENCES series - which IS an erotic romance - where love fluorishes along with BDSM and medical fetish. Sam meets Kelly (Book 2: FIRST EXPERIENCE), they begin to fall in love (Book 3: WEEKEND EXPERIENCE), and then expand their relationship with Kelly's friends (Book 4: BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCE), and take their love and sexual inhibitions out into the world (Book 5: EUROPEAN EXPERIENCE). The detailed writing style and thoughtful discussions by the characters in ORIGINS are typical of the other books in the series.

I hope you will try ORIGINS OF A FETISH as a the Free sampler for the series, and then start at the beginning of Sam and Kelly's unusual relationship in Book 2: FIRST EXPERIENCE. I hope you will grow to like the characters as much as I do!

Happy Reading!

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