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Question & Answer with Kelly

Q: Kelly, now that you've been with Sam for a while, have had some incredible experiences, and are working on your PhD, do you now feel your life is in balance, and you have control of your choices?

A: Yes - actually, I think my life is becoming very balanced, and I'm working hard to keep it that way. I'm with Sam every weekend, but haven't moved in with him; I want to keep my identity, and leave my options open. I'm getting excited about my dissertation research - I have some ideas that could really lead to a breakthrough, if they work. And, Sam is acting as the 'anchor' of my life - not to hold me down, but to keep reminding me of what my efforts in life are for.

I mentioned keeping my identity, but I know I'm changing - becoming more open to many things ... and seeing (and beginning to understand) my own power. The sexual creativity and power play has opened my mind to new conceptions, (laughing) so exploring sexual fetishes with Sam may actually be helping my career! Or, maybe I'm just trying to rationalize the decisions I've made?

I do feel that I am in charge of my life, making my own decisions - many of which my parents would probably not have recommended ... or even supported. I think I'm finding myself, and I am becoming contented with my current life. Much of it has been with Sam's help.

Speaking of Sam helping, he has been a great sounding board for some of my far-out biotech ideas. He's supportive, but pulls me back down to Earth, when I've come up with something that can't actually be done. But I've started opening his eyes also, (laughing) in many ways. I thnk we make a good team together., and am sure we will continue to grow, through our shared experiences.

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