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The books in Simone Freier's EXPERIENCES series have received excellent reviews. The latest in the series, BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCE, has eight 5-star reviews as of November 20, 2014. Some of the comments from these reviews are shown below:

“Pure adult fun!”

“I truly enjoyed reading this Experience”

“Intriguing book!”

“Simone Freier shows her skill as a writer to bring [this story] to life”

“Definitely an original work, well-written”

“If you liked 50 Shades of Grey, don’t miss out on this. 5 stars!”

“Exciting read!”

“Not only does Birthday Experience surpass 50 Shades, but the storyline itself is way more enjoyable”

“I found myself glued to every page in the book”

“It has been exciting to watch the characters grow over the past four books”

“I can only hope there will be more to follow”

“[Kelly’s birthday] is an over the top event, with more new experiences than imaginable”

“It combines sex, fantasy, and romance, and is sure to pen your eyes a bit more”

“The dialog is great, and the characters are amazing”

“A great read, and recommended to all fans of erotic romance”

“It’s erotica that holds nothing back”

“If you enjoy any type of erotica, then this is a MUST have”

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