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Review of WEEKEND EXPERIENCE by Forever Book Lover!

Book Review:



Posted on November 1, 2014

Title: Weekend Experience

Author: Simone Freier

Genre: Erotic Romance

Rating: 9/10

I’ve been so busy, what with Halloween decorations, and hosting a party, that I barely had time to do anything, BUT I did find time to finish this book, because my God, it’s a great read. I loved it from start to end, and liked it even more than the previous one.

Here the book really moves beyond the fantasies Sam and Kelly have, and we venture into the territory of a real and deeper connection between the two of them. Their fantasies evolve as well, growing more complex, and even involving other people too at some point. They grow into a relationship of equals, and they form a great match.

The book still heavily explores the world of fetishes, and in that way it’s quite instructive too. The writing is top-notch from start to end.



0/10 - I hated this book. Not recommended at all. 1/10 - I'm giving points for bothering to write it, but it's not good at all in my opinion. 2/10 - This book had some redeeming qualities, but I still wanted to toss it on the floor. 3/10 - Could've been worse, but it still didn't capture my attention. 4/10 - It's getting there, but only read this one if you have a lot of time to waste. 5/10 - This book is so-so. I enjoyed parts of it, and disliked other parts. 6/10 - We're getting there. Not the newest groundbreaking novel, but definitely good enough to rent from the library. 7/10 - Great potential here. Not recommended to everyone, but I do advice it to fans of the genre. 8/10 - I absolutely loved this book. You should give it a try as well. 9/10 - Ever know how it feels to read a book you know will rock your world? This one is it! 10/10 - Best book EVER. GO BUY IT NOW.

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