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Question & Answer with Kelly

Q: Your friends surprised you at your birthday party. What do you think about their reactions, and whether they will 'play' with you and Sam again?

A: Yes, my friends surprised me: I had no idea that they would all be so receptive to the idea of playing with Sam and I. They really didn't seem to mind the nudity, or even the spankings. So I'm pretty sure that we'll eventually have them over again for some 'fun'.

(thinking) But, I'll have to advise Sam to try to get over his preoccupation with needles and shots. He can do that with me, but my friends didn't appreciate that part. They also didn't like being tied down, or being on that crazy "Lazy Sam" turntable.

However, my friends evidently accepted Sam's offer to get them off, and the morning after my party, they weren't reluctant to reciprocate. This could offer many possibilities. But Sam will need to get over some of his hang-ups. (laughing) I'll work on him ...

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