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Question & Answer with Kelly

Q: Kelly, what did you think about getting waxed, down there?

K: It was a little scary – although I’d recently had my first extended bikini wax. (laughing)

I think with Sam’s ‘desensitizing’ me to nudity and openness, I was more comfortable this time, letting the operator do her thing around my genitals. And, yes, there was pain. I was just trying to zone out.

I thought Sam’s exam table was a pretty nice place to get waxed. (frowning) Julie had given me a ‘look’, when she first saw the room, but she hasn’t prodded me about it, yet.

As far as Sam and Julie watching … I think I was more uncomfortable with Julie there, than Sam. By now, Sam really has seen everything there is to see, and I guess his training of me to accept openness with him made it fine; I was glad to have him there. But I’m not sure I should have let Julie be there; she had brought Barbara, but I was actually a little embarrassed with her watching me. (smiles) Of course, I have had some fantasies, where Julie will get to see me much more intimately, also. (now laughing)

Sam certainly didn’t force me to wax; I wanted to do it … now that I had somebody to wax for. If I hadn’t been with Sam, I doubt that I would have done it – and come back for more, monthly, on my own. But it was an interesting experience; I hope Barbara is right, that it shouldn’t be as bad next time. I think Sam likes it.

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