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Question & Answer with Kelly

Q: Kelly, what do you think about all those needles? And shots? Spanking is one thing, but all that medical stuff seems dangerous, and not much of a turn-on.

K: Well, what turns you on is up to the individual, in her head, and her heart.

As far as danger, we are breaking the skin, but trying to stay away from blood vessels, or other structures. All of the needles that go straight in (as opposed to needle play, where the needle goes through a pinch of tissue) are done in the butt. And, we use sterile supplies, and use antiseptic on the skin. We wash our hands … a lot. The needles are so small and sharp that they don’t damage anything. For the shots, we use sterile saline, officially obtained and dated (Sam can do that).

As far as the feeling of them, physically, the needles usually don’t hurt much at all; but they can get annoying, if they’re in a long time. Injecting several cc’s of saline does hurt a little, but not for that long – it’s not my favorite thing to get. But to give them … I’m still enthralled by that. And turned-on by it, especially if it is Sam laying on the exam table..

As far as what I think about needles and shots overall? It wasn’t anything that I had expected. Or wanted. But I’ve gotten used to them, and they’re not so bad; certainly nothing like the pain of Sam’s spankings! Anyway, not such a difficult thing, if it makes him happy.

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