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Marc Stern

"Freier's work transcends the genre she writes about"

"Freier is a master storyteller"

"Her finely tuned ability to create layered scenes that seem quite natural sets her apart from many other writers of this genre"

"Frier's skill as a writer makes you feel you are [in Hawaii with the characters], having each experience with them"

"Simone Freier is a pleasure to read"

"Surprising, well-written and fun!"


John Staughton

"I am fully hooked [on the Experiences series]"

"[Simone’s writing has] always been tasteful, and almost insightful"

"Freier has a way with words, and painting a scene"

"Freier challenges conventions and thrills readers from start to finish"

"Simone has yet to disappoint in any of her wild and wonderful explorations"

"Kelly and Sam are portrayed in increasingly interesting and challenging situations"

"The plot is not based purely on sex or naughtiness, but tying in emotional links that give the characters weight and substance"



"Island Experience is a continuation of the wild and hot experiences of Sam and Kelly"

"I’ve read all of the Experiences books, and they never disappoint"

"[Freier’s novels] are hot, kinky, and quite different from the usual erotica"

"Island Experience is very hot, just like the others, and I really enjoyed it"


Robin Perron

"These books both build off of each other and could stand on their own"

"I feel like I really know Kelly and Sam, and I am really getting to know Kelly’s friends"

"The closeness that I feel with the characters really enhances the more erotic scenes"

"I loved that the ending took an unexpected twist"



"If you enjoy a great cast of characters, some kink, and a blossoming relationship … you will enjoy Island Experience"

"I love where [this book] has taken Sam and Kelly"

"Over the past 6 novels, I have really grown fond of this duo"

"I liked how this book would be accessible to new readers as well as long time readers"

"Freier does a great job of developing the characters, which really helps the reader to get the most out of the more intimate scenes"

"I loved the direction that Sam and Kelly’s relationship was taking at the end of the book"



"Sam and Kelly’s exploratory relationship continues in Island Experience"

"Trust and confidence [between Sam, Kelly, and her friends] assure that no adventure is off limits"

"I read all the books with great anticipation:  They’re hot and fun to read"

"If you like the Fifty Shades of Grey books, don’t miss out on this"



"Island Experience further explores the intimacy and eroticism of Sam and Kelly"

"In Island Experience the action gets hotter and the challenges more titillating"

"As Sam and Kelly push the limits even further, the adventures are ever more daring"



"Sam has brought Kelly and her friends to an exotic island, where they explore even more of their deepest desires and forbidden fantasies"

"This book doesn’t shy away from pulling readers out of their sexual comfort zone"

"It makes you wonder about the possibilities, when you think beyond the boundaries of what society tries to inflict upon us"

"As usual, the writing is great, and the characters are engaging"

"If you want erotic romance that really lets you connect to the characters, I recommend this one"


Kieran Hair

"Freier tells the story from both Sam’s and Kelly’s points of view, effortlessly switching from one to the other in a manner which lends the         story a much greater sense of depth"

"[Kelly and Sam’s] relationship has always been, and continues to be, the true heart of the series"


Grady Harp

"Simone’s erotica [has a] flair for character development and creative sensual situations"

"This [story] is not dark and dirty, [but] simply pushing the boundaries of pleasure"

"Some fascinating variations on interpersonal actions"

"Read one of her books and you’ll likely collect the set"

"Simone’s stories sing"


Bedazzled Reading Blog

"I loved how this book pushed the boundaries and kept pushing, without ever going too far"

"A sensual, erotic read with a great setting!"


Miss Aliax

"I couldn't have enjoyed this book any more"

"It fulfills any fantasy you secretly have"

"You are supposed to get lost in the author's world; well, with Simone's series, I never want to leave"


Cindy Clubbs

"Undeniably erotic and sexy, nasty and naughty, but so much more, as well"

"I felt as if I was actually in Hawaii, along with Sam, Kelly, Julie, Linda, and Kathy"


Karen Ruggiero

"Deeper than just erotic fiction, [Simone's books] contain substance, character development, and real emotions"

"I couldn't seem to put this one down"

"Simone Freier has a real talent for good storylines that are erotic, but done with taste and substance"

"Five stars all the way!"


Romantic Renay

"This is a great story based on emotions and substance"

"I love how boundaries were pushed"




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