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Marc Stern

"More than a novel about sex, much more"

"In the hands of a capable writer like Simone Freier, [the writing about sex] is free, fully formed, multi-dimensional and multi-hued"

"The difference between the average sex writer and Simone Freier is like the difference between a campfire and a raging inferno"

"Simone is just that good!"

"Some rich writing and some of the best writing on sex and submissiveness that I have found"

"[Other’s writing about sex] lacks the depth and breadth that Freier puts into her work"

"Freier’s talent is so good that you don’t know it is there once you submit to the book and get involved"

"Freier is not only an excellent sex writer, but she is also an incredibly talented writer"

"She uses her talent well in EXPERIENCES so that you are never overwhelmed by what is going on"

"Sex is used well, but as a plotting device for another message in this novel, that of an adventurous journey"


Jan Heart

"Original, well-written, detailed – excellent"

"Intriguing book!"

"There are excellent moments when Sam is surprised by Kelly’s response … and this was what gave this book the edge over many erotic

     romance books"

"Simone Freier shows her skill as a writer to bring this to life"

"Definitely an original work, well-written"


John Phiser

"A unique, quality book"

"First Experience is definitely not your run of the mill erotic novel"

"It truly is a deailed exploration and description of one man’s … fetishes … and fulfilling his lifelong desires"

"The level of detail is impressive"

"It is well balanced with insights into Sam’s thought, feelings and emotions"

"It is this depth and the quality of writing which are key to the excellence of the book"


Cindy Clubbs

"Wonderful book!"

"The amazing experience that the protagonist, Sam, enjoys were very interesting and unique to me"

"In First Experience, author Simone Freier finds her writing skills … which made this read even more entertaining for me"

"It is very enjoyable to watch an author progress in her writing"

"Freier grows and blossoms like a flower in her series"

"I can’t wait to see what she writes next!"


John Staughton

"Unexpectedly thoughtful and intensely passionate"

"Freier managed to write a fascinatingly honest and enlightening book about the lines between sex and love without making it

     sensational, tawdry, or cheap"

"This book is overflowing with legitimate discussions on sexually and personal boundaries, musings on relationships and individualism, and

     a decent amount of existential exploration"

"This was a thoughtful, passionate, and revelatory book that showed Freier’s grasp on human sexuality, as well as human nature"

"This was an enjoyable and surpringly engaging read"

"Nicely done, Simone!"


Owen Robinson

"After the terrific lead-in book to this series … this one dives much deeper into the character’s lives and minds, for some fascinating


"The writing is interesting, as well; it is like a quasi-stream-of-consciousness style"

"It is unlike anything else I have read"



"Unconventional, but a solid read"

"First Experience is a complex book that follows the journey of Sam …[who is] interested in domination and submission"

"[The characters] become real people, instead of mere fictional characters with vivid fantasies"

"The amazing thing about Simone Freier’s writing is … the openness aspect, letting you dive deep into the characters’ thoughts"

"This is a sign of a strong writer, someone who just goes for it, and never holds back"

"It is more thought-out than most books of this genre"

"The medical background of the author definitely came through in the plot, adding a unique touch to it, and help it steer clear of simple,

     superficial books"

"Intertwined in the plot is a social commentary about openness and being comfortable in one’s own skin – a very positive message for

     readers everywhere"

"This adds an even deeper level to the book …"



"The characters are well-developed"

"It’s an interesting book, entertaining and engaging too"



"This is not your typical erotica type of novel"

"Simone Freier is an excellent author who truly knows how to write well"

"There is substance … and it was a pleasant surprise"

"You will definitely enjoy it"

"Five stars all the way"



"The dialog made the book flow perfectly"

"Fast read and well written with a fun style"


Teresa G

"Leaves you squirming in your seat"

"I was highly impressed with the style of writing mixed with the content"

"Simone … can leave any man or woman begging for more"

"Simone describes the sex scenes very descriptively"



"[Freier’s second book] really stepped it up several notches!"

"I enjoyed the growth of both characters, their trust, honesty and standards"

"The evolution of Sam and his fetishes are explained in great detail, which made them HOT!"

"The story gives so much more detail than any other erotic novel I have read"

"There was a connection, an intimacy that was built between [the characters] that Freier wrote so beautifully; it leapt off the pages"

"The originality of this series puts it in a class all its own"

"There is so much sensuality without the ‘sex’, it sucks you in and makes you wish more men were like sam!"

"This is a MUST READ!!!"


Wandering M

"Erotica with a twist"
"It is not the usual run-of-the-mill erotic romance"

"While the book titillates in parts, it also raises some interesting questions about sexual exploration, personal boundaries and the need for

     openness and trust between partners"



"A great read from a unique perspective"

"The characters are interesting … you will care about [them] and get interested in their lives"

"I would recommend this one for those who want to get their motors running"



"A whole new perspective on BDSM"

"I’ve read a few romance novels in my day … but this one takes the cake"


Miss Aliax

"I couldn’t put this book down"

"This novel is the perfect combination of passion and love"

"It’s the perfect love story with a whole lot of sizzle"

"This is an excellent adult novel; it’s classy but has a great story line about love"


Amy Shannon

"Sexy and erotic exploration"

"It’s written beautifully"


Robbin Perron

"First Experience showed me a whole different side to BDSM"

"An eye opening experience that shows you how [BDSM] can be about developing trust and openness"

"I really enjoyed First Experience"



"Author Simone Freier does it once again in her second book of the EXPERIENCES series"

"Goes into the titillating detail of the sensual and submissive relationship between Sam and Kelly"

"First Experience is one of my favorites"

"I enjoyed it immendsely and would highly recommend it to fans of the genre"

"5 stars!"



"Simone Freier has written a very erotic and kinky book"

"The book is well written"


Ginny Gibson

"Interesting – Five Stars"


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