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Excerpt #3:  Weekend Experience (Book 3)




As Linda lay across my lap, I said, “Linda, it is my belief that all spankings should be administered on the bare bottom.”  She gasped, but didn’t say a word.  “Because you’re cooperating so well, I’ll give you the option of taking your birthday spanking on the bare, or double that on your underwear.”  It hit me that she might be wearing a thong, which would make the underwear option moot.


But she quickly responded, “I guess I’ll let you do it on the bare, Sir.”  I smiled.  This was getting better and better!


I lifted the hem of Linda’s dress with both hands, folding it onto her back, exposing her from the waist down.  She was wearing cotton bikini panties, covered with tiny purple, red, and yellow flowers, and violet waist- and leg-bands.  I used both hands to lower her underwear, taking hold of both sides, and slowly pulling down the back until half of her bottom was exposed.  Linda surprised me again, when she lifted her middle slightly, allowing me to lower the underwear, until they were holding her legs together at mid-thigh.  I gazed down at Linda’s big, beautiful bottom, and realized that there were no tan lines; perhaps we had all misjudged Linda’s comfort with nudity?


I slid my right hand over her fleshy globes, giving each one a little pat.  My left hand rested on Linda’s lower back – ready to hold her in position, if that were necessary.  I glanced up, and saw that Julie and Kelly were both mesmerized by the scene unfolding before them.

Leaning over towards Linda’s head, I whispered, “I’m going to give you the first few slowly, so that you’ll know what to expect.  Then, the rest will be given quickly.  I need you to stay in position.  I suggest you take a few deep breaths, and then you can let me know when you’re ready”.  I put my right hand on Linda’s right buttock, which was wobbling before I had even begun her spanking.


I felt, and heard, Linda take a few breaths and then – more quickly than I had expected – she said softly, “I’m ready.”


Very quietly, I said, “OK, here we go.”  I gave Linda a hard spank on her right side, and watched as a white handprint appeared on Linda’s pink bottom.  Then, I gave her a hard spank on the left side.  I had expected Linda to rear up and shriek when she felt the first couple of spanks but, unbelievably, Linda not only remained in position, but she didn’t make a sound.


After a few seconds, I proceeded with her spanking, giving her a medium or hard spank about once per second or two.  I alternated sides, and her bottom was now reddening quickly.  Linda kicked her feet a few times, but was otherwise perfect in the role of ‘bottom’.  The 25 spanks were finished quickly, and I rubbed her bottom, my hand moving in circles, starting at the center of each buttock and spiraling out.


“Kelly, what were the extra spanks for, again?  You can call them out, one at a time.”  Kelly smiled at me and nodded, ‘getting it’ instantly.

“One for good health.”  And I spanked Linda hard on her right side.  CRACK!  The sound echoed in the otherwise-quiet room.

A soft “Ow!” came from Linda, but she held her position admirably.


Kelly continued, “One for good wealth.”  My hand came down with a loud SMACK on her left side.  Another ‘Ow!’ from Linda.  I looked up at Kelly.


She said, much louder now, “And one for long life!”  And I gave Linda another hard swat on her right side.  WHAP!  There was no exclamation, but I heard, and felt, Linda breathing heavily.


Linda had bounced after each of the three hard spanks, but kept herself in position.  I was amazed.  I heard her sniffle a little, but then she turned her head and looked up at me.  “Thank you, Sir, for my birthday spanking.”  Incredible!


I lowered Linda’s dress again, leaving her panties around her thighs, and said, “Linda, please stand up, now, and I’ll give you another hug.”

Linda stood, as I had requested, her dress covering her as usual, but with her underwear now showing below her hemline.  I stood up next to her, in the narrow lane between the loveseat and coffee table, and gave her a big hug.  As I hugged her, my hands went down and cupped her buttocks.  For the benefit of Julie and Kelly (OK, and me, too), I lifted the back of Linda’s dress with my left hand, and vigorously rubbed her bottom with my right hand.  When I dropped her dress, I realized that Linda was hugging me, her head on my chest.


I had planned to allow Linda to raise her own panties, but impulsively decided to lift them myself.  I did this by feel only, my eyes looking up at Linda’s face, as I reached down, taking her underwear at each side, and inching the fabric up and over her bottom, my hands under her dress.  I slid my hands around the waistband, making sure it was smooth, and then removed them and let her dress fall into place.  I hugged Linda again, and gave her a peck on each cheek (the ones on her face).  “Thank you, Linda.  You did great.  I am very impressed by your ability to control yourself.  And, that you were open enough to go through with the birthday spanking.”


I took my arms from around Linda, and sat back down on the couch.  Both of Linda’s hands went to her bottom, and she rubbed herself through her dress and underwear.  She looked down, and gave me an inscrutable smile.  But not that inscrutable:  At that moment, I knew that she had enjoyed the experience.  And probably would come back for more.




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