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Excerpt #1:  Weekend Experience (Book 3)




“Yes, Kelly, we’re going to have dessert.  More specifically, I’m going to have desert – served off of you:  You will both be the dessert platter and part of the dessert.  I’m planning on eating my fill today, and you will need to remain very still, so the dessert doesn’t fall off the platter.


Kelly started giggling, her flat stomach moving in jerks up and down, as her giggles became a laugh.  She put her head back down, and I remembered to pull out the small pillow from another bag that I had brought from home, putting it gently under her head and giving her another peck on the lips.


I pulled out a small spoon, and opened a jar of blueberry jam, taking a small amount in the spoon and feeding it to Kelly.  “Yum!” she announced, and put her head back down.  I then put a spoonful of the jam in my own mouth, and swirled it – as I might when tasting a fine wine.  I leaned over Kelly, and lowered my head to kiss her – an open-mouth, tongue-swirling, experience that was sweetened by the jam.  Kelly continued to kiss me long after we had swallowed the jam.


I then sat back up and reached for another jar, taking a spoonful of the green jelly.  I told Kelly, “This will be a little different.  You told me you wanted more spice in your life …” After putting the jelly into my mouth, I again leaned over Kelly, and her head lifted up to meet mine, as our lips joined.  It didn’t take more than a moment after our mouths had joined before Kelly gave a little squeal, and said through the kiss something that sounded like 'That’s hot!'  I smiled, and said, “Yes, that’s what I thought.”  I knew she meant the Jalapeño jelly, but the romantic kiss was also very hot.


I grabbed the honey, and began to squeeze a line of the thick, sweet stuff along her neck, zigzag across her chest, and down to her breasts, squeezing a blob of honey over each nipple.  Kelly squealed, and then giggled, as she felt the honey drip over her skin.  Finally, I went back up to her face, and squeezed some honey up her neck, over her chin, around her cheeks, and then a large blob across her lips.


I began licking her, perhaps as a dog would, lapping up the sweet liquid ravenously.  First her cheeks, and then down to her chin, working my way to her honey-glazed lips, which were open and awaiting my mouth.  We kissed again, long and passionately – literally, one of the sweetest kisses I had ever experienced!


I continued my licking – down her neck, across her chest, and over her breasts to her nipples.  I spent several minutes licking, sucking, and gently biting each of her nipples in turn, and both were as erect as I had ever seen them.  I looked into Kelly’s eyes, from only a few inches away, and they seemed to be emitting their own glow in the darkness of the van.


I could tell that Kelly was quite turned-on already, but she would have to wait a bit longer for the release that she needed.  I chuckled, and said to Kelly, “I licked my plate clean!  But I’m still hungry.  I’m going to make a nice dessert on this flat platter here – patting her stomach.  Kelly’s head was on the pillow, and her eyes were closed.


For a change of pace, I grabbed the sour cream, and a wooden spatula that I had brought, and began spreading a thin layer of sour cream over Kelly’s abdomen – from her navel to just below her breasts, and from side to side.  Kelly shrieked once, as the cold sour cream first contacted her stomach, and she giggled, making a very nice scene of the rippling white landscape following the contours of her body.

Once she was coated with sour cream, I reached for the brown sugar, and began crumbling it over her – covering the sour cream with a thin layer of crunchy sweetness.  Then, I opened a box of blueberries and dropped them, one-by-one, onto the sour cream and brown sugar mixture.  Her stomach now looked like a pie, dotted with fresh blueberries.


Kelly couldn’t stop giggling, and her stomach was jiggling, and my ‘pie’ was wiggling, but holding together.  I gave her a quick smile, and lowered my head, licking and slurping up the sweet mixture.  It was a bit too much, and I scraped a portion off with the spatula, and put it directly into Kelly’s mouth, so she could taste it.  I then continued to lick Kelly’s stomach until she was clean.


Before I went lower, I decided to ‘decorate’ Kelly’s body.  I sprayed whipped cream on her nipples, and drew a line of white around her breasts, and down her middle, to her dark triangle.  Then, I took the chocolate sauce, and squirted it over her pubic hair, retaining the color contrast, but making a gooey mess.  Finally, I added some decorations, including writing 'I love you' using the squeeze bottle of caramel.

I put a raspberry on top of the mounds of whipped cream covering each of Kelly’s nipples, and arranged a few strawberries and grapes on her now-sticky body.  I gave Kelly credit for not complaining about the mess.  She must have been wondering how she was going to get cleaned up enough to drive home.  Or, perhaps not.


I picked up one of the raspberries, dipped it in the whipped cream from Kelly’s right breast, and put it into her mouth.  She propped herself up, both to eat the fruit, and to see the ‘food art’ I had created on her body.  Taking my time, I selected fruit, dipped it in the chocolate or caramel sauce, and used it to scoop up some whipped cream.  It was delicious, and a nice way to eat dessert:  From a submissive’s body.



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