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Excerpt #2:  Origins of a Fetish (Book 1)



One early summer day, Liz suggested that we ride our bikes farther – to a beautiful stream she had found when she first moved into the area.  We rode along a dirt path to the stream, with sunlight filtering through the trees, and dappling her lithe body on the bike ahead of me, in stop-motion, as with a strobe light.


Liz was a beautiful woman, with small breasts, but a curvaceous body.  She always seemed to have a smile (except when talking about her husband), and was what I considered a “fun-loving” person.  I couldn’t help but notice Liz’ hips falling over the tiny bike seat, as they moved up and down hypnotically.  I nearly fell off my bike when my front tire hit a large stone I had not noticed, my eyes being glued on Liz’ lovely bottom.  Her blond hair shined with shimmers of light that were constantly moving – again, it seemed, hypnotically.


She stopped her bike when we reached the stream, and leaned it against a nearby tree.  Liz looked up at me, smiling mischievously, and said, “Come on, this way!”  She brightly walked across a log to the other side of the stream where, I now saw, another path led off into the forest.


I followed her, admiring the beautiful surroundings, the perfect weather, and her rear end – in tight shorts – swaying rhythmically as we walked down the trail.  We suddenly came into a clearing, where the stream widened into a broad pool, with several large flat-topped boulders, and a huge overhanging willow tree, making this an enchanting setting.


As I walked into the clearing, Liz was already at the water’s edge.  She looked back at me with a very sensual smile, then turned back towards the pond and removed her blouse; she wasn’t wearing a bra.  As I approached her, I said, “What are you doing?”  She turned towards me, as she tugged down her pants and underwear, and said “I’m going in the water, silly!”


With that, she took a first step into the water, and let her body fall forward, almost-surreally, into the pond as I looked on – with my eyes widening and my jaw dropping.  I have always been open about nudity, but I had no idea that Liz was.  I quickly removed my clothes, and joined her in the cool, clear water.


We had a great morning playing in the water, and lying in the sun afterward, starting an ‘all-over tan’ for the summer.  We talked about many things, mainly our hopes and desires, places we would like to travel, and things we would like to do.  I still have a long ‘bucket-list’ that encompasses travel, sports, hobbies, … and living some of the fantasies that I had, for so long, developed.  I didn’t know whether I would actually do any of these things, without being able to share them with Sarah.


I told Liz how important sex had been in my life, and that I still have many fantasies … but now have to “take care of myself” when I get horny.  She sighed, and told me that sex life with her husband was sporadic, and that he never tended to her sexual needs.  I asked her, “So, do you masturbate?”


She looked away, into the forest, and finally said, “Yes, of course.”  She was starting to blush – a bit strange, as she was totally nude, and comfortable with that, but not with our conversation.

I looked at her, and finally worked up the nerve to ask, “What positions do you use to masturbate?”


She again hesitated, but then said quietly, “Usually lying on my stomach, or sometimes sitting back in a chair.”


We were quiet for what seemed like several minutes, but it was probably only 15-20 seconds.  I then asked, “Would you share some of your fantasies with me?”


Liz looked at me, and replied, “I’m not really that comfortable telling you this stuff – it’s pretty private.  What are YOUR fantasies?”


That was my opening.  I am mature enough to know that opportunities like this do not happen often.  I did not want to scare off my neighbor, but it seemed like we were close enough to be able to share these things.  I did not tell her about my playroom, but I did begin to explain to her how I am turned on by things like women submitting to a spanking.


She wasn’t sure what to make of that, just nodded and said, “OK.”


I told her that she would understand better what I was talking about, if she would let me show her some images and videos on certain websites.


She again said, “OK.”  She had a distant look, and I really had no idea whether my revelation had turned her on or off.  I hoped I hadn’t just lost her friendship.



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