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Excerpt #1:  First Experience (Book 2)




Kelly, with her head still hanging down, said, “Yes, Sir.  I’ll try.”  Then, she tilted back her head, and asked, “People don’t really get turned-on by getting spanked, do they?”


I laughed, and said, “Yes, actually many women do.  But they first have to get beyond a certain point of pain, where – due to self-control or just exhaustion – they relax and allow another part of their brain to take over.  I’m hoping you might reach that part by the end of your level-30 punishment.”  Kelly just shook her head, and groaned.  I put down the paddle, and placed my hand back on her underwear.  “OK, Kelly, I’m going to finish your spanking without stopping.  I will alternate sides every time, and I’ll keep it at about the intensity you have already experienced.  So, let’s get this finished.”


I continued the warm-up, spanking her steadily, alternating sides, and covering all of her bottom.  I could tell that her bottom was now turning a nice shade of light red, based on the color of her unclad upper thighs.  Obviously, I wasn’t’ spanking nearly as hard as we had seen in the video.  That wasn’t the point:  Kelly was cooperating nicely, and submitting to a long spanking.


I was only slightly turned-on; this required a lot of stamina from me, also!  As I spanked Kelly’s bottom, time seemed to slow down; it seemed like this spanking was at least 30 minutes long.  Finally, we reached the 360th spank.  We were both panting, and I rubbed her bottom gently with my hand.  “You did very well, Kelly.  I’m proud of you!”


Kelly took some deep breaths, and was finally able to say, “Thank you, Sir.  It was challenging.  I’m not complaining, but maybe it would be better to do a level-10 each day, rather than trying to do so much at once?”


 “Well, Kelly, that’s an interesting idea, and perhaps the next time we have a spanking experience … if there is a next time … we can do it that way.  It would be a big turn-on for me to see you knocking on my front door, and requesting your 7th or 8th day of punishment.  I think you would find that very challenging, also.”


I then pointed out, “As you may have noticed, rubbing your bottom spreads and dulls the pain.  That’s another reason that I don’t want you touching your bottom, unless I give you permission.  If I refuse permission, you may ask me to rub your bottom for you.  Does this feel good?”


Kelly moaned – but it was a different moan this time, more of a deep cat’s purr.  “Yes, Sir.  But …,”  She cocked her head, and looked up at me – as much as she could in her position.


 “Yes, Kelly?”


Kelly put her head down, shook it, and looked back at me, balancing on her left hand, as she used her right hand to throw her long hair over her back, so that she could see me.  “Sir … I’m not getting turned-on by this.” She giggled, and I was happy to see that she wasn’t entirely depressed by the experience.


She continued, “I think I might get turned-on by spanking you … I can really understand the power, the control, and the vulnerability of the other person, who has agreed to cooperate.  But I’m not sure I can understand why I would get turned on by you hurting me.”  We were both silent, and I continued massaging her bottom through her underwear.


Stepping out of role, I said, “I won’t force you to do anything, Kelly, you know that.  And my purpose is not to hurt you.”  How could I explain this?


 “I think you know that hot is very close to cold … if an ice cube is touched to your back without you seeing it, you will feel like you’re being burned.  You’ve probably stuck your hand in a very hot stream of water from the sink, and initially it felt cold.  Love is very close to hate – they are both strong emotions about someone, whether positive or negative.”


 “Similarly, pain and pleasure are very close together – they both are strong emotions that come from the same portion of the brain.  Pleasure can become pain … and pain can become pleasure!  I would just urge you to relax, accept the pain (I will make sure that you are not being harmed), and perhaps – at some point – the pain will become pleasure.”


I looked into Kelly’s eyes, and continued, “Now, I will divulge another of my inner secrets:  I would get nearly as turned-on if you were spanking me, as me spanking you.”


Kelly looked back, and said, “Huh?  I don’t get it.”


I had thought this would be easy to explain.  “I’m turned on by the idea of submission – not really the giving-up of power (although that can be fun, too) … but submitting to something that you know will be painful – or embarrassing – and doing it willingly.  Situations like this, where you are submitting today, out of curiosity, adventurous spirit, openness, and your trust in me.”


I continued, “You might not understand this, yet, but for me to submit to you, requires that I let-go, and really trust you … developing an instant bond and emotional closeness that I think … may be the closest thing to ‘love’ between two people – whether they have been partners for years, or just met.


Kelly laughed, pushed back her hair, and said, “OK, then let’s switch positions – let me spank you, for a while!”


I laughed too.  “Kelly, I plan to do just that.”  I had been keeping it as a surprise reward, when Kelly had completed most of her level-100 punishment.  “But I’ll only let you spank me after you have experienced and cooperated through a full spanking and, hopefully, can understand the turn-on in both the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ roles.”



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