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Excerpt #3:  European Experience (Book 5)



We kept walking, at the pace of the thousands of people around us, and Sam took my hand as we made a jog to the right, then to the left, finally arriving at the huge Ferris wheel.  He bought tickets, and spoke quietly to the man controlling the ride, handing him a folded bill.  Then, we entered one of the cages – alone; it was the only cage not packed with people.  As soon as the wheel moved, and our cage rose above the crowd, Sam, in a slurred voice, said, “Please take off your underwear.”  I was happy to humor Sam, as it was clear that nothing was going to happen, with him in this state.


Fortunately, the ride was slow, without too much rocking, as my entire body was rocking, now.  As we reached the pinnacle of our once-around, we watched the sunset over the forest.  Lights were on everywhere, and Sam snapped a few pictures.  It really was an incredible sight – both the number of lights, and the number of people.  Then, Sam kneeled on the metal floor in front of me, and stuck his head up my skirts.  I separated my legs, and felt Sam’s head moving up them, kissing my inner thighs, then – literally – ‘going down’ on me:  He lowered his head, and I felt one slobbery lap from his tongue … and then his ear was against me (playing me ‘by ear’?), and Sam’s motion stopped, except for his slow breathing that made my skirt rise and fall, as I gazed at the lights of Octoberfest far below.


I assumed that Sam was playing around, and let him root around under my skirts; I slowly stroked his back, and his deep breathing continued.  Our cage was almost down to the bottom, and we would have to get off the Ferris wheel soon.  I quietly said, “Sam – we have to get off soon.”  The only response was a couple of loud snores.  “Come on, Sam, stop playing around.”  More snores.  I put my hands under my skirt and petticoat, and shook him by the shoulders, “Sam!”


Finally he moaned, and pulled his head out.  “Are we there, yet?”  His words were slurred, and it appeared that he really was out of it.  He had put my panties in his pocket, and I didn’t bother trying to retrieve them.  I helped Sam onto the seat just about the time our cage came to the bottom, and the door opened.  Sam and I stumbled onto the boarding platform like a couple of drunks; well, at least one of us was drunk!


We walked a short distance, out of the most crowded thoroughfare, and found an adjacent field, filled with ‘dead bodies’ – others also overly inebriated.  We sat down on a small patch of uninhabited grass, and Sam lay back, and closed his eyes.  I reached over and grabbed his phone, sat cross-legged, and continued my research.  It was nearly an hour later when a hand held onto my thigh, and Sam pulled himself into a sitting position.  I smiled sweetly at him and asked, “Are we having fun, yet?”


Sam shook his head, and replied, “I guess I might have had one Mass too many.”


I laughed, “Or two, or three too many!  I don’t even know how many you had.  Shall we head back to the hotel?  Are you capable of getting back to the hotel?  Or will I have to carry you?”


Sam harrumphed, and managed to stand up, albeit a little wobbly.  As we walked through the crowd, Sam complained, “But we haven’t had our other dinner, yet.  We passed a würst stand, and Sam pointed, “How about one of those?”  I took Sam by the arm, and pulled him along.


Sam managed to get back to the room without getting sick, and suggested that we go down to the sauna.  I just shook my head, “I’d be too embarrassed.”  When Sam’s eyes narrowed, and his brow furrowed, I added, “Too embarrassed to be seen with an Octoberfest drunk.”


He laughed and nodded, and then Sam looked at me seriously, “I’ll be OK, Kelly.  Maybe the sauna will sober me up, a little?”  I was doubtful, but Sam helped me out of the dress, we put on running outfits, and went down to the hotel sauna.  It was crowded, and we found the only lockers left.  We went out to the pool area, and nearly all the chaises were occupied, mostly with couples, several of the men being rather loud … or being asleep.  I surmised that we weren’t the only ones in this condition, tonight.  People were polite in the saunas, and the heat seemed to dissipate the alcohol – both in Sam and in me.  We went through a couple of sauna cycles, and then stepped out onto the deck that, fortunately, faced towards the Theresienwiese.  The noise could be heard from here as a rumbling, and colored lights lit the grounds, and reflected from low clouds now dotting the dark sky.


Sam did sober up enough to make it to the room, and get into bed – but not enough to get it up.  I hadn’t expected it, and also rejected his offer to go down on me:  I didn’t need him falling asleep with his nose in my privates, again.  I spooned Sam, and he was instantly asleep.  The alcohol had tired me out, also, but it was still early, and my mind wandered, recalling a few of the images from the Octoberfest – seeing Sam’s face, as the Sky Fall ride lifted us high above the thronging crowd; looking down over 5,000 people all waving their beer steins in one of the tents; and the half-meter hot dog that would surely have led to Sam giving up everything he had eaten.  Then, I thought about what I’d found on the Internet, while Sam had slept on the grass.  It was exciting:  I knew I was onto something big; which would have described Sam’s cock right now, had he not been drunk.



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