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Excerpt #2:  European Experience (Book 5)



I glanced at Sam, now floating in the middle of the pool.  “Actually,” I couldn’t help but smile broadly, “my partner and I are into BDSM, a little.”  The girls smiled, and put on mock shocked expressions, and I explained, “Sam is into spanking and submission.”  I gulped, wondering whether to go on … but the women just looked at me with interest, and nodded slightly.  “And medical fetish.”  Sam had said the Dutch were tolerant, but I wasn’t sure what to expect, after my revelation.


Now, the other woman piped up, “Nice.  We’re into the scene, too … although it’s just the two of us, as our husbands won’t ‘play’ with us.”  They both laughed, in a pained way.


“But they’re OK with you guys going to the clubs?  And having sex with other people?


Both women shook their heads brusquely, “Yes, they’re OK with us going to the clubs, but No, we don’t have sex with other people.  Greetje likes to tie men up, and I like to whip them.  Not usually at the same time.”  The women laughed.


I looked at the other woman, “Your name is Greetje?”  I pronounced it like ‘Grate ya’.


She nodded, “Yes, like ‘Greta’.  And this,” pointing to her friend, “is Sofie.”  I nodded, and Greetje said, “I’m into ‘Kinbaku’, the Japanese art of binding people – sometimes, now called ‘Shibari’.  I’m a wizardess with rope; it’s really an art form.”


Sofie snidely remarked, ‘Yeah, and it sure beats macramé!”


We all laughed as Sam swam up to us, and we introduced each other.  “Sam, this is Greetje and Sofie.  They’re into BDSM.”  I knew that would have an impact.  Sam gave me a questioning look, and I nodded, adding, “They go to sex clubs, and tie-up and spank men.”  I gasped, and hoped I hadn’t made a mistake:  Not by letting the women know about Sam or him about them … but, I wondered whether just bringing up this subject would give Sam a hard-on … not something that would be well-accepted at the sauna.


Sam smiled at Sofie, and calmly said, “Well, I wouldn’t mind letting you spank me, sometime.”


The women chuckled, “If you’re in town long enough, I’m sure that can be arranged.”  They gave Sam the ‘once over’ with their eyes.  I felt no jealousy, just pride.


We all got out of the pool, and headed inside, the women going into one of the saunas, Sam and I getting into the jacuzzi.  The warm water felt great after the relatively cooler pool.  I smiled at Sam, “Well, that was a coincidence!  As wild as Amsterdam may be, there can’t be that many people going in for BDSM.  Can there?”


Sam shook his head slowly, “I don’t think so.  The Netherlands is really a very conservative country.”  I could see thoughts flitting through Sam’s head, and knew he was trying to devise a plan where we could meet-up with those women in a setting more suitable for playing around.  But we only had today and tomorrow in Amsterdam, and then would be visiting Sam’s friends somewhere to the south, near Utrecht.  I also wondered whether Sam would allow Greetje to tie him up.


We got out of the jacuzzi, and went into another sauna, this one up a flight of stairs, and having a panoramic view of the polders that stretched to the horizon.  The jet lag was hitting me again, and I lay on the top bench of the sauna and closed my eyes.  A few minutes later, I was startled by a group of four people entering the elevated sauna, evidently two young couples.  I sat up, and rubbed my eyes, then wiped the sweat from my face.  We all smiled at each other, and the two couples chatted quietly.  The other thing I had noticed about the people here at the sauna, in addition to the consistent-looking breasts of the women, was the uncircumcised penises of the men; I think Sam may have been the only circumcised man here.


Sam decided to wake me up, so after boiling in the sauna for a while, we walked downstairs, and outside, where Sam jumped into the cold pool.  He came up bellowing, but finally found his voice, “This is very refreshing.  Come on in!”  I felt the water with my big toe, and it was freezing – almost literally.  Sam wanted me to try it, and I wanted to submit to him … voluntarily; before he decided to ask me to submit formally, and jump into the pool.  I slowly lowered myself down the ladder into the cold water.  As I got to my waist, I let myself fall, submerging entirely, before I popped back up next to Sam, and screamed.  Then, I promptly climbed up the ladder, and onto the deck, looking around for my towel.


I’m not a screamer … but the water had been shocking.  I didn’t wait for Sam, when I realized that my towel was inside the door, at the bottom of the stairs to the glassed-in sauna.  I went through the door, grabbed my towel, and climbed the stairs up to the sauna.  Greetje and Sofie were the only people in the sauna; they sat on the middle bench against opposite walls, their backs against the wall, and their knees up.  I’m sure Sam would like the view – and I wasn’t thinking about the panorama of the polders.  Sam followed me into the sauna, and we climbed up to the top bench.  We chatted with the women a while longer, answering their questions about what we’d seen in Amsterdam, and where we would be traveling on the trip.  Then, we all went downstairs and got into the showers.  I noticed that Greetje, with the blond hair was bare down below, while Sofie, with the brown hair, had a neatly trimmed landing strip of dark pubic hair.  My ‘do’ fit in perfectly, and I was glad that I had done the waxing.



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